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Tips & Tricks for Dressing up for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

On September 2nd, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) kicked off at the Magic Kingdom. MNSSHP is one of the premiere events at Disney World.   The trick or treating, Cadaver Dans, and the earworm “Boo To You” are among my favorite reasons to attend the party. But another reason is fellow Disney fans wearing costumes. I’ve always been a fan of Disney costumes. I saw guests wearing costumes at the 24-hour event last year, and also at the D23 Expo, but never as prevalent as MNSSHP. It’s a great way to showcase creativity and to have fun.

Disney Costume Lover for Life

Disney Costume Lover for Life

Here are some tips and tricks for dressing up for MNSSHP:

  1. Be comfortable. There’s a reason this tip is numero uno. The party starts on September 2. September in Florida is still HOT. As is October, and November too. You don’t want to be caught in full on Beast-Mode sweating bullets. Not enjoyable for you and not enjoyable for the person who has to sit next to you on Big Thunder. Comfort also includes foot comfort. Yes, you’re there for the party, but you also are traversing a Disney park. Comfort is key. Maybe you aren’t wearing Princess Jasmine’s exact pointy aqua slippers, but your feet will thank you later.
  2. Be creative. Some of the best costumes I saw last year were Disney deep cuts. Branch out: just because Anna and Elsa are the most available costumes, doesn’t mean you are limited to them. Like Emperor’s New Groove? Try Kronk or Yzma. Who cares if your friends have never seen that movie? I’m sure someone at MNSSHP has, and will appreciate your effort. My husband and I did a couple’s costume last year. We were Mary and Bert. I had a cast member tell me that she had seen a lot of Marys, but none with the nursery costume.

    It's a Jolly Holiday

    It’s a Jolly Holiday

  3. Theme it up. Theming is what sets the Disney parks apart from other amusement parks, right? Well, you too can theme! Gather your group together before the party and think of a theme: characters from a particular movie, villains, heroes, pirates or princesses- and plan your costumes around the theme!
  4. Follow the rules. This one isn’t really a tip, more of a mandate. Per Disney’s website: For the safest and best possible Guest experience, please choose costumes that are not obstructive or offensive. Play it smart, people!
  5. Keep it simple. Not every costume has to be a 12-foot replica of sea-witch Ursula complete with detachable tentacles. If you don’t know what Disneybounding is, and you’re more on the practical side, check it out. Whilst Disneybounding, people will dress inspired by their favorite characters. Think of it as the casual Friday of costumes. Snow White? Blue shirt, yellow skirt, apple necklace. For guys? If you’re feeling Goofy- jeans and an orange button down shirt. Halloween time in Disney World is also blossoming with limited edition Mickey ears- you can always make a costume inspired by your ears!
Daisy Hat

The hat really ties it all together


Are you dressing up this year for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Sound off below!

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