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Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge savanna-view-room-12

5) Welcoming Rooms

After a long day at the theme parks there is nothing better than walking into your resort hotel room, and immediately feeling at peace. The rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are warm and welcoming to the point where you feel at home. The design of these room is something you would never find outside of a Disney Parks resort because of their bold African theming, that really engages the guests into the environment in an authentic way only Disney can pull off. The rooms are detailed, yet sharp and clean which is a balance that is hard to pull off. You’ll really have to remind yourself that there is a lot to see outside of your marvelously detailed room.

Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-0047 Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-0047

4) The Zawadi Marketplace

Right next to the lobby is the Zawadi Marketplace. This might be one of the best gift stores on Walt Disney World property. There a large selection of merchandise that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on property, including original artwork inspired by the resort, African-themed wood carvings, and African drum/percussion instruments. There is always something new that seems to peek my interest every time I walk into the Zawadi Marketplace.

Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge animal-kingdom-lodge-lobby-14 animal-kingdom-lodge-lobby-14

3) Lobby

Walking into Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a breathtaking experience. The scope of the lobby is massive, and yet the details of everything are so small. Like the resort hotel rooms, the entire lobby feels warm and welcoming due to the comfortable seating areas throughout the lobby, and a massive mud fireplace that runs all day long. The resort holds the largest collection of African art in the United States, and the lobby is where many of the pieces of artwork are located. At the end of the lobby there is an enormous window that looks over the Savannah. For children, there are Disney cartoons playing at all hours of the day, which is especially useful when parents are checking into the resort.

Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jiko-17 Jiko-17

2) Dining

There are simply no bad dining options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, everything is delicious. From top to bottom every dining experience at this resort is incredible. Whether you are eating at the Mara quick service location, the all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet at Boma, or the fine dining experience at Jiko. The dining at the Mara is more than just cheeseburgers and pizza. The dining at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge lets you explore your palate. The experience at all three restaurants provide unique food options you won’t find any other place in Walt Disney World. Experiencing something like an African Stew at Disney’s Animal Kingdom can really enhance the experience of feeling immersed in the theming of the resort.

Top 5 Things To Love About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-Animals-039 Animal-Kingdom-Lodge-Animals-039

1) Savannah

The Savannah is the crown jewel of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. If your budget allows you to stay in a room with a view of the Savannah I highly recommend it. Being able to see Giraffes and Zebras right outside your balcony is a luxury that will enhance your entire vacation. It is like having you own private safari right outside your door. Yet, regardless of if your room has a view of the Savannah there are still many locations throughout the resort for you to appreciate the animals. Right next to the pool there is essentially a miniature zoo where you and your family can see greater flamingos, waterbuck, ankole cattle, and so much more. So regardless of whether or not you have a Savannah facing room you’ll still be able to appreciate it when staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Some guests of Walt Disney World take a day away from the theme parks to simply rest at the pool, and guests of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge can use this day to not only enjoy the pool but also the animals surrounding the resort.

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