Vox Populi: Is Paid Parking Coming to Walt Disney World Resort Guests After All?

Vox Populi: Is Paid Parking Coming to Walt Disney World Resort Guests After All? Pop_Century_Resort_01

For the last couple of days, some Disney news outlets are once again reporting that parking fees are on their way to Walt Disney World Resort guests. You might remember that there was discussion of this last year around the time when the preferred parking option at the theme parks was put into effect. Some folks are even posting how much parking will cost, but we have not been able to confirm these fees or if the rumors are true as of yet.

There is a big discussion on resort parking fees taking place over on the Disney Rumors & News forum at DISboards.com and we thought we’d share what folks are saying there.

Poster ‘Mackenzie Click-Mickelson‘ says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of parking spaces running out at the Values at all. Why should the Values have to pay for parking if parking isn’t an issue. Why should any resort at any level have to pay when there isn’t a space issue.”

“WDW has a ton of space available too so it’s not like we’re talking landlocked downtown prime location hotels here. Certain resorts however on Disney property are more confined with space and have issues with people parking there when in reality they really shouldn’t but it’s not all resorts.”

“I wouldn’t want to pay a fee period but I do agree that a graduated fee makes much more sense as Disney still gets money either way but it makes a lot more sense to the guest having to pay the fee.”

Poster ‘OhioStateBuckeye‘ expresses his displeasure at the thought of this rumor becoming true:

“I think this might be what pushes me over the edge if it happens.”

“I already think the bus transportation to parks has gone incredibly downhill over the past couple years. I only take a bus to MK anymore. I don’t like taking Disney transportation.”

“Disney is just making me mad lately.”

Some posters have been planning and budgeting for their Disney vacations for quite some time and are feeling uneasy at the chance that they might need to come up with more money for their vacation for something that would’ve been complimentary. Poster ‘mikejs78‘ says:

“I’m staying at BC in a month. If they start charging parking before then, after I made my plans and set my budget, I will not be happy. The Disney execs can expect a pretty strong complaint email. Unfortunately this trip is already locked in so I can’t cancel it, but I may not go back for a long time if this comes to pass.”

Here is a look at what one Twitter user had to say about it:

We want to hear your thoughts on this. Obviously, none of us want to start paying for something that has always been complimentary, but what will you do if the resort parking fees go into effect as the rumors are stating? Will you skip out on renting a car or just suck it up and pay the fees? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

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