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Walt Disney World Character Meet-And-Greet Guide: Epcot

Walt Disney World Character Meet And Greet Guide Epcot

We have reached the last Walt Disney World park in our character meet-and-greet guide. We still have plenty more including character meals and the entire tour of Disneyland. I saved Epcot for last because it’s my favourite place to meet the characters in Walt Disney World. You get to meet the characters in their home countries. How great is that?

Let’s get to meeting our friends.

1. Legacy Plaza West

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102206 PM

Easily the most recognizable symbol of Epcot is Spaceship Earth. Once you enter the park, aim to the right of it. You will see Daisy meeting with all her guest friends. It’s a fantastic way to start your day. It will get you and your family pumped to experience Epcot. Every once in awhile Disney will place another random character here but normally this is Daisy’s home.

2. Epcot Character Spot

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102327 PM

This is the mother of all meet-and-greet areas in the Epcot park. It holds seven of your favourite characters, some of whom you can’t meet anywhere else. It’s divided into three areas (in two buildings) and you can’t miss it because of all the signs. You’ll find it to the right of the big fountain in Future World.

First, head over to Hiro’s Workshop to meet your favorite personal healthcare companion Baymax and his patient Hiro. To be specific, Baymax will always be there but  Hiro has sometime been away inventing. These are two great characters from Big Hero 6 that you can’t meet anywhere else.

Disney Pixar’s film Inside Out was a huge hit when it hit theatres. Everyone wanted to know what was happening in 11-year-old Riley’s head. If Inside Out is a family favourite then head on over to headquarters to meet Joy and Sadness.

Don’t forget about Disney’s classic characters too. The newer films are great but who doesn’t love meeting the characters mom and dad grew up with? Here you can meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy.

3. Mexico

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 101539 PM

Heading over into the World Showcase, we will find Donald Duck in Mexico. You’ll find him on the left-hand side of the promenade. He is sort of tucked into a bushy area. Just look for a small crowd and you’ll find him. The line-up can get a little long but it has a really neat backdrop. He is all dressed up wearing a colourful sombrero.

4. China

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102505 PM

One of the bravest characters in Walt Disney World can be found in the China Pavilion. Mulan would love to meet you right at the front of the garden area. She will be on the right and you can’t miss her. She is such a great meet-and-greet because of what the character stands for. Through courage and determination, she accomplished great things. That’s a great role model for any child.

5. Germany

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102614 PM

Right beside the Germany Wishing Well in the Germany pavilion you will find the original Disney princess, Snow White. The pale princess is one of the most charming and sweet meet-and-greets. Plus if you are lucky enough sometimes you’ll also get to meet one of The Seven Dwarfs. Potentially meeting a rarer character is always exciting. Don’t forget to whistle while you wait.

6. Morocco

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 101856 PM

Deep into the Morocco pavilion, you can meet another Disney Princess, Jasmine and her prince Aladdin. You can tell them how you took an airplane instead of a magic carpet to get there. Just like she wanted to explore the world beyond her castle walls, your little one can tell her about exploring Walt Disney World. This is a popular meet-and-greet so prepared to wait. It’s worth the wait because you get to meet Aladdin and there aren’t too many places to meet the Disney Princes.

7. France

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102934 PM

We have reached my favourite of all the princesses, Belle. Some would argue that Belle isn’t actually a princess and I like to believe those people don’t exist. You can technically find her in the France Pavilion, but it’s easier to find her if you find where the France Pavilion turns into the Morocco Pavilion. You can’t miss her because she is out in the open on the side of the path beside the water. Be warned that people rushed there when The World Showcase opens at 11am. Don’t let that stop you from going to tell her what your favourite book is.

8. United Kingdom

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102027 PM

Many will meet this girl celebrating her unbirthday in a character breakfast but you can also meet Alice in The Tea Caddy Garden. There is no need to follow a white rabbit to get there. Just head over to the garden area across the path from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. I have never see Alice have a long line, and because of that, she really takes her time with each guest.

Alice isn’t the only lovely lady you can meet in the United Kingdom. There is a woman who is practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins. You can also meet her in the Magic Kingdom but it’s cooler to meet her in the high street of the United Kingdom Pavilion. Double check before going to see her, sometimes she only appears over the week.

Screen Shot 2016 05 16 at 102725 PM

Coming June 21st, 2016 you will get to meet Anna and Elsa in Norway as well. I’m excited to see how they handle that in person. Now that we have gone through the four Walt Disney World Parks, next we will tackle the character meals in the parks. Food and characters together? Sounds pretty great.

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