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Morocco Pavilion

Guarding the entrance to the Morocco pavilion is a reproduction of the Koutoubia Minaret of Marrakesh, a prayer tower of the 12th century mosque. The intricately carved tower reflects the pride in the craftsmanship that the native artisans took when assisting in the construction of the Moroccan pavilion. More native craftsmen were used in building this pavilion than in any other in all of the World Showcase. This is evident in the supreme quality of the geometric patterns and mosaic art found throughout Morocco.

The warm terra cotta tiles and carved plaster buildings topped with green roofs amidst the winding alleys and stuccoed archways add to the charm of the "jewel of North Africa." More of the exquisite craftsmanship is found in the gate to the Medina (the old city) in a replica of the Bab Boujouloud gate. In the Medina, you will find the bustling marketplace or bazaar. The Ville Nouvelle (new city) has the Royal Gallery and the Moroccan National Tourist Office where you can see a three-screen slide show of the lifestyles and landscape of Morocco.

The flower filled courtyard surrounded by citrus and olive trees, date palms and banana plants, includes a fountain inspired by the Nejjarine fountain Fez. In this area, you can hear Moroccan musicians, watch the exotic belly dancers perform or marvel at the incredible acrobatics of the Houzali Troupe. Check the park guide map for performance times. In the Gallery of Arts and History, you can enjoy the ever-changing exhibits of Moroccan arts, artifacts and costumes. Early architecture is showcased in the Fez House.

New to the pavilion is the “Race Against the Sun: Ancient Technique to Modern Competition” exhibit which highlights the Marathon des Sables and the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc (Rally of the Gazelles), along with the history of the Berbers, the ancient inhabitants of the Sahara.

ARTICLE: Taking a Closer Look at the New Exhibit in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

Guests will find immersive experiences including a diorama of Marathon of the Sands with race gear and trophies, plus a photo op of the Rally of the Gazelles, which is an off-road, all-woman desert rally. The exhibit also shows how the Berbers mastered living in the Sahara’s formidable environment.


"Spice Road Table" focuses on a menu of "small plates." This restaurant is located right on the water, so during the day, guests can enjoy the sunshine and nighttime diners will have a great view of IllumiNations. Live entertainment will be provided, henna tattoos are offered, and guests can stop at the juice bar or merchandise shop to take home some of the flavors they enjoyed with their meal. Take a look at our overview video above, our full photo gallery, full menu, and write-up of the restaurant.

The "Restaurant Marrakesh" offers visitors a chance to sample the exotic cuisine of Morocco whilst enjoying Moroccan entertainment. Bastilla appetizers (meat or seafood baked in a thin pastry with vegetables or almonds), traditional coucous, a number of lamb dishes, chicken brochettes, and shisk kabobs are some of the culinary delights offered here.

The Tangierine Cafe is the counter Service restaurant featuring wonderful Mediterranean specialties, salads, and desserts.

The Moorish Café and Pastry Shop serves such delicacies as light crepes and Moorish pastries in addition to hot mint tea and specialty coffees.


Moroccan fine jewelry, traditional clothing and shoes, Camel bone mirrors, and handmade daggers are found in the "Tangier Traders." The "Brass Bazaar" features mosaic fountains, Thuya wood, and brass or silver decorative plates and mirrors. This shop also has an Outdoor Bazaar where ceramic tiles, native instruments, and handmade baskets can be found. The "Medina Arts" offers Moroccan crafts such as the traditional ceramic Tajne and beautifully designed ceramic plates. Find hand knotted carpets and rugs in "Casablanca Carpets" as well as glass lanterns and the Marrakesh wall sconces. Directly across from the main pavilion there is a shop called Souk-Al-Magreb. They offer some of the same items found in the other stores of Morocco. The couscous pot can be found here along with Sadaf brand couscous. Fez hats, wind chimes, Henna Lamps, rose water, and an instructional DVD for belly dancing are also available. All areas of Morocco are wheelchair accessible.

FUN FACTS: Say "hello" in Morocco by saying "salam alekoum"
(sah-LAM wah-LAY-koom.)

Morocco is the only country in the World Showcase in which the government was actually involved in the design and construction of the pavilion.

Hidden Mickeys: On the outside wall of the gift shop, there are three baskets in the shape of a Mickey.


Musique Aramenco is now performing five days per week in the Morocco pavilion. This musical group blends traditional and modern Moroccan music! Check the Times Guide for exact showtimes.

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