What people are saying about the new location of the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show has taken place on the platform of the Main Street Station of the Walt Disney World Railroad for as long as I can remember. The Citizens of Main Street would come out and welcome guests to park along with singing the Good Morning song; which I absolutely loved, then a big bunch of Disney Characters would come join the fun along with a Family of the Day being introduced. It was really a lovely way to start your day at Magic Kingdom Park if "rope drop" is your thing. Last month, we told you about the new show location on the Cinderella Castle Stage and there was quite a lot of fuss about it all over the internet, including on DISboards.com. The show started in its new location less than a week ago and I thought I'd share what people are saying about it. What people were saying before the new show debuted: From poster, 'JennaDeeDooDah': "Well I'm torn. I absolutely love the welcome show and will definitely miss the train part of it. Silly as it sounds, I still get butterflies when they start to sing about Casey Jr. coming down the track and I look up and see the smoke before I can ever see the train. I never really watch the castle shows. But, I like the idea of getting in a little earlier and strolling around Main Street because I so rarely spend significant time there. I think it will also make it nice that you won't have quite as large of crowds walking down Main Street before people turn towards their destination. It will also be nice to have something to do when we get to the park. My daughter tends to get bored waiting (like all kids, I suppose) and then tells me that she doesn't want to see the welcome show. She wants to go into the park. I can't convince her that they don't let people in the park until after the welcome show. Now, I can get to the park around 8:20 or so, take her to The Emporium, and then get out at 8:40 for the new show and the park to open." From poster, 'AngiTN': "I get why they are having to do this. More folks can fit on Main St than in the entrance area. At least I assume they can. As with so many things, word spreading on the Internet has made things more popular than ever before. I'm sure it's gotten to the point where they had to make the change. I think it will significantly impact PPO folks. I mean, they'll still get in to go eat but it will be a very different environment." From poster, 'ellie05': "Ugh this is annoying. The whole point of making PPO (pre-park opening) reservations was to have an empty Main Street; all those shoots [posted online] look way more crowded than my November stay." From poster, 'bebec22': "My main reason for wanting a PPO breakfast is so it won't cut into park time, BUT having an empty Main St. to take pics is a major bonus. My ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) is for CP (Crystal Palace) at 8:10 a.m. on 2/20 (which also happens to be President's Day). I plan to try and be one of the first in line to enter and head straight down Main St. to the photographer closest to the castle to get some pics. I am also a huge fan of having professional pictures taken. I have them done no less than 2 times a year and have almost considered bringing my photographer on a Disney trip with me lol. So yeah, it is a bummer that Main St. will be more crowded even though it was never a guarantee." From poster 'Nancyg56': "Yes. The folks who booked for the empty Main Street, which I do not think has existed except on rare occasion for the past few years, and now are upset that Disney has made changes in how they allow access have every right to feel how they feel, however I am not sure the ire is justified. Personally, I do not think that the decision to allow early access to Main Street has anything to do with the PPO breakfast crowd. I think it has everything to do with Disney logistics. How to manage crowds all trying to enter at the same time, how to funnel the coffee and pastry folks in and out of Starbucks in a timely manner, and how to keep all those folks from clumping together in a huge ball before they get through the gates." What people who have had the chance to see the show are saying: From poster, 'yulilin3': "Thoughts on the welcome show: still not better than the old one but people did have the same 'aw' reaction when the characters came out." From poster, 'EdmondD': "I complained about the show change to my wife and son, who is six and does not remember the old show (which he most-recently saw two years ago). On YouTube, we watched the old show and then the new show. I asked which he liked better and even after being potentially biased by my comments leading in, he said he liked the new show better. Why? 'All the princesses.' So if your audience is a six year old, there is one data point in support of the new show. But what does a kid know?" From poster, 'my2disneyboys': "I like the new show; I LOVED the other one... so maybe this one will grow on me to love as well." Helpful things to make note of: From poster, 'yulilin3': "Got answers, verified by a manager:
  • People with reservations up until 8:45 get in before 8:00 a.m.; today it was 7:50.
  • They will have a Cast Member with scanners on the right side for entrance to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. The manager said if that doesn't work properly they will recalculate the process.
  • Casey's breakfast is permanent. Also The Plaza Ice Cream Shop is serving breakfast.
  • What's open on Main Street, U.S.A.: The Emporium, PhotoPass at Exposition Hall, Guest Relations, The Chapeau, The Confectionary, Starbucks, Casey's, and The Plaza Ice Cream Shop.
  • What's not open : Fire House, Uptown Jewelers, Art Of Disney, Crystal Arts.
*Per Manager: 'Family of the day has been discontinued but they will continue to reevaluate the changes.' For people heading to 7dmt (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train). You would think that heading through the castle is faster, don't. Go to the bridge on your right, even if it's packed, it'll lead you faster to the end of the line. I watched the welcome show and headed with what seemed 80% of the people to 7dmt and the back of the line was by the tea party. If you go through the Castle you still need to walk all the way to the end. Wait time said 30 minutes. I went straight to Cinderella and Elena and was second party to meet them." Have you had a chance to see the Welcome Show at its new location on the Cinderella Castle stage? What did you think about it along with the experience on Main Street, U.S.A.? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on DISboards.com.

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