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What's New with Adventures by Disney?


Adventures by Disney has announced a new Japan adventure that is coming in 2019!

This adventure will offer immersive, cultural experiences, such as visiting temples in Kyoto, learning sword techniques with a master samurai, exploring the bustling city of Tokyo and more. The Adventures by Disney Japan vacation is set to open for booking later this Spring, so be on the lookout for additional details in the near future.

New Seine River Cruises announced for 2019, plus new 2019 dates for Rhine and Danube River Cruises


New for 2019, Adventures by Disney has announced that they will cruise through France on the Seine River during a 10-day, seven-night trip that includes two nights in Paris.


Adventures by Disney is partnering with AMAWaterways to bring exclusive Rhine River and Danube River cruise itineraries to their guests in 2018 and 2019.  The Rhine River cruises feature an eight-day, seven-night itinerary sailing between Switzerland, France, and Germany. The Danube River cruises feature an eight-day, seven-night itinerary sailing between Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.


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New Disneyland and Southern California Short Escape


Adventures by Disney has announced a new long-weekend adventure that takes guests on a four-day, three-night look behind the magic of the Disneyland Resort. The trip also includes a visit to Walt Disney Imagineering, the Walt Disney Studios, and Walt Disney's favorite hangout, the Tam O'Shanter Restaurant. The first Disneyland Resort and Southern California Short Escape adventure begins April 19, 2018!


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Frozen-The Broadway Musical


Beginning in 2018, the New York City Long Weekend adventure will include a trip to the St. James Theatre to experience Disney's newest production, Frozen-The Broadway Musical!


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Iceland Vacation Adventure!


Beginning in 2018, Adventures By Disney will be heading to Iceland! You'll be able to visit waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes on this 8-day/7-night trip that begins in Reykjavik. Click here for more details.


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ABD Providing Transfers from Airport for Pre- and Post-night Stays


ABD provides transfers from the arrival airport to the first hotel on the itinerary for guests who have booked pre- and post-night stays on their own, regardless of the number of nights booked.  If you book your pre- and post-night stays at a different hotel, ABD will provide transfers from the airport to the first Adventure hotel and you will need to get to your destination from there.  The Montana, Canada, Arizona and Utah departures are excluded.


Guaranteed Departure Program

Adventures by Disney has announced a Guaranteed Departure Program, which is a list of departure dates that are guaranteed to travel. Guests can choose from these dates, knowing that these trips will not be canceled by Adventures by Disney less than 70 days prior to its scheduled start date (unless there are factors beyond their control.)  We have marked these dates on our itinerary pages, so you can book with confidence.  More dates may be added.

Disney Cruise Line Enhancements, Pre- and Post-Stay Experiences

Adventures by Disney(ABD) presents an extraordinary way to experience Disney Cruise Line!  Guests can enhance their sailing with the extra magic of an Adventures by Disney vacation!  Combining ABD's personal service and expertise in guided travel across the world with the enchantment of a Disney cruise, you will have a selection of unique onboard activities and premium shore experiences designed to immerse you and your family in the history and sights of your destination. 

Pre-Stay Experiences

What better way to begin your Disney Cruise Line vacation than with a 3-night pre-cruise Adventures by Disney experience?  Experience the culture of Barcelona and let your Adventures guides show you the sights!

Barcelona Pre-Cruise Stay

EUROPE | Barcelona | 4 Days / 3 Nights


Copenhagen Pre-Cruise Stay

EUROPE | Copenhagen | 4 Days / 3 Nights


Ancient mariners knew the waters of Oresund were full of mermaids. Growing up with this lore inspired Hans Christian Andersen to pen "The Little Mermaid" in 1836. The Little Mermaid statue was unveiled in 1909, tying lore and literature together and forever linking Copenhagen to these legendary creatures.

Enjoy a private tour of Tivoli Gardens. With origins dating back to the mid-19th century, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world.

Walk the halls of Danish Royals and the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet at Kronborg Castle. Known for both its fortified strength and sheer beauty, the castle occupies a strategic position on the Sound (Øresund separating Denmark and Sweden).

Explore this former medieval capital of Denmark. Nestled in the Danish countryside, Roskilde is home to many historical sites including the Viking Ship Museum—where Junior Adventurers will paint their own Viking shield.

London Pre-Cruise Stay

EUROPE | London | 3 Days /2 Nights


Climb aboard a red double-decker bus for a private tour of London, with an elevated view of the city and its iconic sites including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

You can almost hear the voices of knights and scholars as you tour this coronation church, with structural origins dating back to the 10th century. The Abbey literally has the history of the ages contained within it, as it's the final resting place of poets, statesmen, heroes and royals.

Witness the changing of the guards, a show of military precision and royal security since 1660. The palace guards' stoic demeanor, crisp red coats and towering fur hats are a hallmark of Buckingham Palace.

Cruise Enhancements

Magic of the Baltic, 7-Night Cruise

NORTHERN EUROPE | Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Adventure Highlights:


Wander the immaculate gardens and see the magnificent art collections of the former home of Empress Catherine I of Russia. Now a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, the restored palace still bears the empress' initials over the great hall.

Experience the grandeur of 18th-century Russia as you tour the grand palace commissioned by Peter the Great. Surrounded by lush gardens and lavish fountains, this Baroque architectural masterpiece has often been called "the Russian Versailles."

Take in one of the oldest museums in the world, home to a vast collection of treasured antiquities and a dazzling array of artwork. With pieces from all over the globe dating back to the prehistoric era, behold some of the rarest wonders that mankind has to offer.

Revel in the marvelous acoustics of nature at the Temppeliaukio Church—cut directly out of solid rock—in central Helsinki. Opened in 1969, the church uses the natural properties of the raw stone walls to create the unbelievable acoustic balance that has made it a favorite concert venue.


Magic of the Baltic Fjords, 7-Night Cruise

NORTHERN EUROPE | Copenhagen, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Adventure Highlights:


Wander the immaculate gardens and see the magnificent art collections of the former home of Empress Catherine I of Russia. Now a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, the restored palace still bears the empress' initials over the great hall.

Learn about maritime history from the 1800's to the present day in this incredible museum. From fishing to shipbuilding to work the docks and decorating the ships, you'll learn about every aspect of the process.

This amazing restaurant sources herbs from its own garden and offers guests a sumptuous buffet, complimented by its directly-imported wines.

Prepare for a steep ride up to the top of Mount Fløyen, then be rewarded by the amazing view of the city and islands surrounding Bergen.

Also known as the Gamlehaugen, this residence house the Norway Royal Family. Dating back to the middle ages, the castle is still in excellent shape and a favorite for photographers.


Mediterranean Magic, 7-Night Cruise

EUROPE | Barcelona, At Sea, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Florence), and Villefranche | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Adventure Highlights:


See how to press olive oil, make mozzarella cheese and harvest fruit at Agriturismo La Galatea Farm in Sorrento. Afterwards, enjoy a private pizza-making session with the chefs.

On a day trip to the Island of Capri, cruise around the isle on a private boat and swim in the Mediterranean waters. It's an afternoon in paradise.



What is Adventures by Disney?


Adventures by Disney photo

Adventures by Disney is for people who trust the “Disney” brand, but don’t necessarily want to travel to a theme park to get the experience.

In 2006, Disney launched Adventures by Disney to provide guided, structured tours to some of the most popular destinations in the world. Destinations range from places right here at home (The Grand Canyon, Alaska, California, San Francisco, Wyoming among others) to Europe (London, Paris, Rome) as well as locations in Asia, Africa and Australia. With the sole exception of the California Backstage Magic tour, NONE of these adventures takes you into a Disney theme park.

However, if you’re like me and love the theme parks, but have done them and occasionally think “it would be nice to go somewhere else for once” – it’s worth considering Adventures by Disney.

In a nutshell, Adventures by Disney provides luxury tours to exotic destinations. You’re guided by two ‘Adventure’ guides (normally one Disney cast member and one person from the country your visiting) who handle every detail of your trip. Once you arrive at your destination, your guides take over. That doesn’t mean you end up with a ‘Disney’ sanitized vacation – quite to the contrary – you get to see and experience things most others don’t have access to. That’s where the Disney name opens doors. Virtually every part of the Adventures by Disney experience is ‘private’ in some form or another. You wait on no lines for anything – Disney makes arrangements to provide access to venues either exclusively, or ahead of the general public. For example, during a recent Adventures by Disney vacation to Australia, we were taken to the popular “Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure” park after hours – we had the place to ourselves. After our tour of the park, we were treated to a private dinner. When they took us to the Great Barrier Reef we boarded our boat ahead of the general public, and were provided with our own marine biologist who coordinated our snorkeling event and stayed with our ABD group to answer questions and give us facts about the location throughout the event. On the Adventures by Disney California Backstage Magic tour, we were treated to a private tour of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio (not available to the general public), we were given a private tour of Walt Disney Imagineering (not available to the public) and even when we were in the theme parks we were back-doored onto attractions and when we had free time, we were given handfuls of fast-passes to ensure we waited on as few lines as possible.

Now, if you’re looking for a discount trip to Europe, this is not the tour for you – we should get that out of the way now. These Adventures by Disney trips are not inexpensive, and it might be easy to look at the price and dismiss it as ‘not worth it’. However, for those of us that have experienced the sticker shock and taken the plunge, we come away feeling that the trip was worth every penny we paid.

The hotels we stay in are first rate, most meals are included in the cost of the tour, along with transportation once you arrive at your destination (transportation to and from the adventure is not included). The cost of admission to the many venues you experience are all included in the Adventures by Disney price as well. For example, once in Australia, our hotel, most of our meals, bus transportation, air transport from Cairns to Uluru and from Uluru to Sydney, and our admission to all venues on the tour were part of the price paid. There are no hidden fees – no nickel and dime-ing so to speak.


More Than a Vacation


Adventures by Disney photo

Adventures by Disney, or ABD as we like to abbreviate it, offers more than glorious, guided, 5 star vacations to various destinations.

They offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm and history of your destination without any of the planning, worry, schedule conflicts, dining decisions….well, you get the idea.

ABD tells you all of this in their available information. What they don’t tell you, probably because it’s so hard to explain without sounding hokey, is that you will end your amazing journey with a new group of friends and acquaintances.

Traveling with a small group of strangers did not sound all that appealing when we first discussed traveling to Rome, Tuscany and Venice with ABD in 2006. Wanting to visit Italy and knowing that this might be the only chance I’d ever get to see these places, I agreed to go with this option.

We had nine amazing (I keep using that word, but it’s the one that best fits) days in Italy and we fit more into those nine days than I ever thought possible. ABD made sure that we saw and experienced everything we could fit into each day and the truly incredible detail is that they showed us things we would never be able to see on our own. We bypassed lines that were hours-long waiting to see the Vatican. We were allowed entrance to the museum that houses the Michelangelo’s David even though all of the museums in Florence were shut down due to a worker’s strike.  ABD made things possible that would have never been possible were we traveling by ourselves.

Getting back to our group of “strangers”…..they were not strangers after the first few minutes of our Welcome Dinner. We all had something in common. We all loved Disney and even though we weren’t visiting a Disney park, the quality, service and comfort level were all familiar to any Disney guest.

This common denominator led to further discussions and “getting to know you” kinds of things and before long, we were standing in front of the Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon or visiting the Coliseum in Rome. Now, while you may be able to find many folks who have visited these same places, you will be hard pressed to find anyone, other than your fellow Adventurers, who have the shared memory of that exact visit. No one else will remember the details of what made you laugh till you hurt or filled you with emotion.

It’s been several years since that Italy Adventure and I remain in contact with several of the folks that traveled with us. Bonds were formed over shared experiences and the idea that you were visiting a strange place, but it was all okay because you had friends watching your back (and you watched theirs).

I’ve taken several other ABD trips since then and the same thing happens every time. You spend several days traveling and sharing experiences and you come away with more than photos and memories. You come away with new friends.

I’ve shared this with many of the folks I’ve booked on their own Adventures and none were more skeptical than my co-worker Kathy. She was sure that I was “over- selling” her on this aspect of the Adventure and would “see for herself.” As you can imagine, Kathy came back from her Adventure and told me that everything I had told her was true. She has even made plans with some of her fellow Adventurers to meet at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World as a reunion.

ABD tells you about all of the wondrous things you will see and do. They share the information that you will be staying in luxurious, 5-star accommodations. Most of the details are out there for folks to check out.

The one thing they don’t tell you is that you will come back from your Adventure knowing a group of folks that have shared memories and experiences and that you will remember them and your Adventure for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions about or need any assistance with an Adventures By Disney trip, please let me know.

I can be reached at