Corey Martin

Corey Martin is the President of the DIS and a founding member of the DIS Unplugged Podcast team. Born and raised in New Orleans, he started working for the DIS shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University in Graphic Design. Corey is the proud father of two beautiful children (Ferris and Finley) and husband to an incredible wife and mother. Interests include Art, Design, Photography, Technology, Social Media, and Sushi.

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Disney Parks Adopt Seasonal Pricing on 1-Day Ticket

Beginning tomorrow, Disney is shifting to seasonal pricing for 1-Day tickets. How will it work? Each month is divided into value, regular and peak days with an 8-11 month calendar […]

Woman dead after car collides with Disney bus

A Windermere, FL, woman is dead after her car collided with a Disney bus. The 29-year-old was stopped at a red light at the intersection of West Buena Vista Drive […]