Monday Merch Meeting: Loki, More Rainbow, Bride Pins, Dooney & Bourke, Crocs & More!

Welcome back to another Merch Meeting! I hope your morning is off to a fantastic start. We started the day with rain and cool temps down here in Sydney, which didn’t leave me in the best of moods. As a bit of a pick-me-up, I started this week’s merch search with my favorite category, the Minnie Ears, and sure enough, I feel a bit better sitting here at 8 pm writing this. The power of your favorite Disney merch is strong. Let’s see if we can find something for each of you to brighten your Monday.


Minnie Mouse Striped Ear Headband

These are adorable, and I won’t hear a bad word about them. I love all ears, but these are so different, not just another sequined bow in a slightly different shade of princess. The Minnie Mouse Striped Ear Headband, $29.99, has this cute fan bow and brings together so many colors in style without looking like a mish-mash of rainbow gone wrong.

Loki Merchandise

There was a lot of Loki merch this week, and you might be wondering why I am only including a small amount of it. Upon closer inspection, the rest was all that “customizable” screen art stuff which just doesn’t float my boat, to be honest.

Mickey Mouse Icon Geometric Satchel

You know I love an affordable Disney bag, and the subtle style of the Mickey Mouse Icon Geometric Satchel, $39.99, is perfect for those everyday handbag needs and can match in with almost any outfit.

Mickey Mouse Icon Americana & Peace Love Mickey Pins

Add to that Americana Collection with the Mickey Mouse Icon Americana Pin, $9.99, or stand out in the crowd with this gorgeous Mickey Mouse ”Peace, Love & Mickey” Pin, $9.99. My only complaint is that Australia isn’t featured on the map in the middle.

Castle Jewellery from BaubleBar

BaubleBar can go either way; sometimes, the elaborate designs are a little much for me; other times, they nail it with that must-have piece I can’t stand not owning. That’s how I felt about the “Happy Place” bracelet below. Really fun and super casual for daily wear.

More Rainbow Collection

I told you it was coming! A few more pieces to add to your Rainbow collection for 2021, extending to accessories for your dog!

Minnie Mouse Icon ”Bride Squad” Flair Pin Set

Every Disney Bride is going to love these Minnie Mouse Icon ”Bride Squad” Flair Pin Set, $24.99 for her and her Bride Squad. Parade them around the parks or those pre-wedding events to add some flair and spread your Disney love.

Mickey Mouse Disney Parks Food Icons Card Wallet

Okay, let’s lay this one on the table. Mickey looks a bit weird on the Mickey Mouse Disney Parks Food Icons Card Wallet, $14.99. I know it’s just the style, but my first thought was… nope. Then I saw the back and noticed all the cute Disney Parks Food Icons, and all of a sudden, I saw Mickey in a different light. More of that Disneyland Tokyo look surrounded by Pretzels, Ice cream, and Balloons. I almost feel guilty for judging Mickey before giving him a chance here.

Tinker Bell MagicBand 2 by Dooney & Bourke – Limited Release

There was a time when Tinker Bell merch was extremely popular and available in abundance though these days, you rarely see very much of it at all. The Tinker Bell MagicBand 2 by Dooney & Bourke – Limited Release, $48 is a lovely way to reconnect with your fairy-loving roots in the parks.

Mickey Mouse Clogs for Adults by Crocs – White

I’m just going to leave these here for those of you that enjoy them. Mickey Mouse Clogs for Adults by Crocs – White, $54.99

Disneyland ”Play in the Park” Dress for Women

Retro-chic, blended with summer colors featuring subtle Disney accents, this one is functional in the parks as well as any of those Summer events with friends. The Disneyland ”Play in the Park” Dress for Women, $128, is really fun and available in a wide variety of sizes.

Weighted Character Toys

All my special needs families out there give me a ‘yeah ya do!’. If you have children with additional needs, you know how much of a difference weighted items can make regarding regulation and sensory input. These four character designs have a removable 3lb insert perfect for soothing and providing that sensory feedback.

That’s a wrap, my friends. I’ll keep my eye out through the week and meet you back here next Monday for all the latest offerings from Disney. If you missed the Avenger’s Campus merch last week, check it out here with Drake Shadwell. Have a great week.

Meeting Adjourned!

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