NEW Merchandise has Landed in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom

Today I was greeted at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom with new merchandise being put on the shelves. Let’s take a look at everything I found that is new/newish.


The latest release of The Main Attraction: Mickey Mouse collection has hit the shelves. The attraction for this release is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I actually love this release because the colors are so bright and fun. Out of all the pieces I would probably buy the bag to add to my collection.

I then saw the brightest Lime Green Disney Starbucks cup. Now I don’t enjoy this color of green so I would not buy this but I know many people that collect these cups regardless if they like the color or not. This cup is $49.99, let that sink in, would you buy it?

Of course, I went to go check on MagicBand+ to see if there were any new designs. As I approached the area I immediately noticed two new princess designs, or at least designs I’ve never seen before, and they are beautiful. One of the new bands is a limited edition band so it’s part of the Lilac price tier meaning it cost $54.99. The two bands I saw were of Princess Jasmine (the limited edition band) and Princess Tiana. I’ve told myself I would only get one MagicBand+ band but I think I need the Princess Tiana one ASAP.

As I entered the next portion of the store I saw what looks to be a Christmas spirit jersey. Halloween hasn’t even passed yet and Christmas sweaters have already landed in the Emporium. This plaid christmasy sweater is cute and all but its $99! I’m not sure I’d pay $99 for this, $75 maybe.

I wandered over to the Nuimos because I noticed a few that I had never seen before. I saw they now have a Hulk Nuimo that resembles the Jolly Green Giant. I also noticed Moana and Princess Tiana Nuimos have hit the shelves.

Then I got to my favorite part of the Emporium, the Minnie Ears wall. What a lucky duck I am because as I was approaching they put out some new ears! There’s a lot to cover in this section so lets break it by each Minnie Ear.

First up, we have the fairly new Princess Tiana ears that are a collaboration between Color Me Courtney and Disney. These ears are so beautiful and elegant. These ears go for $39.99, they are higher in price because they are part of a collab.

These next ones are brand new, I was told by a Cast Member, and they are sooooooo cute. These new Loungefly ears are of Remy from Ratatouille with his favorite foods, cheese and fruit. Because they are Loungefly they are priced at $39.99. I might be adding these to my collection very soon.

Next up on the new ear list, is the Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway ears that were getting restocked. These ears are adorable, not my style of ears or ears that I’d want for my collection, BUT they are cute. These ears aren’t Loungefly or part of a collaboration so they are priced at $29.99.

Now I have some good news for any of you that have been looking for the Coco ears that came out a few weeks ago. As I was looking at all these ears they were restocking the Coco ears and I passed a cart that had plenty more waiting to get put out on the floor.

I love seeing new merchandise coming into the parks its just really fun to see what the merch team comes up with. Getting new merchandise also makes window shopping a lot more fun because it gets boring when you just see the same things over and over again.

Would you buy any of these new items? If so, which item would it be? Let us know in the comments!

Hi, I'm Erica, and I write about all things Disney. Before working for The DIS, I was a theme park performer at SeaWorld, but I also performed at Disney. I have such an immense love for theme parks to the point I studied them in college.


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