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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Animals

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There are three 11-acre savannas at AK Lodge.  Sunset Savanna, Arusha Savanna and Uzima Savanna.  Each savanna has its own set of wildlife and hoofstock as follows:

  • Sunset Savanna:  Male Giraffe, Bongo, Impala, Thompsons Gazelles, Ostrich, Ankole Cattle, Waterbuck, African crown cranes, stork and blue cranes.
  • Arusha Savanna:  Pelicans, geese, giraffe, ankole cattle, zebra, Wildebeast, eland, gemsbok
  • Uzima Savanna:  Giraffe, Impala, Kudu, Bongo, Blesbok, Thompsons Gazelles

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Animals

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Animals

Where the rooms face:

Zebra trail rooms overlook the Arusha savanna (odd number rooms) and the Uzima savanna (even number rooms).  Kudu trail rooms overlook Arusha savanna (odd number rooms) or Sunset savanna (even number rooms).  Even numbered rooms in Ostrich Trail will overlook Sunset savanna, while the odd number rooms overlook the valet area.  On Giraffe Trail, the even number rooms will overlook the pool, while the odd number rooms overlook the valet area.

TIP:  For an amazing view of the animals near their feeding area, choose rooms (on any floor, even number rooms only) from X572 through X584 (where X is the floor number).  Also, odd numbered rooms X541 through X555 have a similar view.  These rooms wrap around the feeding area, and provided us an AWESOME view of the giraffe and Tommies (Thompsons gazelles).  If you follow Zebra trail to the end, and go to the outside stairwell, you can get a fantastic view of this area as well (4th floor is ideal).  There are also savanna viewing areas on the 2nd floor of Zebra trail at the 'elbows' of each section.

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