It’s Not the Size of the Castle: The Shared Disney Experience

Disneyland is more magical when it’s shared.

That’s true, really of all things Disney. One of the best parts of being in the middle of the magic is seeing the joy in someone else’s eyes.  I guess you can’t really see the sparkle in our own eyes…unless you carry a mirror around.

Remember those Glow with the Show/Made with Magic Ears? $29.99 plus tax for something that only those around you can see.

As much as I hated those things, and I did hate those things, I may have just talked myself into understanding what Disney was thinking. $29.99 plus tax to create joy for those around you. Darn you Disney!

Glow with the Show Collage

My line of work (professional Disney fan…according to my fake business cards) has me spending many solo hours in the parks, so I’ve become adept at making new Disney friends. I’m one of those creepy people that says hello in line or asks if you need help when you’re staring at your map.

It’s amazing, though, how the Disney community draws you in for a shared experience. If you’ve ever been to Dapper Day, Gay Days, Bats Day, or any of the other large unofficial fan events, you know what I mean. You see someone in the parks wearing a bow tie, or red shirt, or….black leather(?)…and you know instantly that you have something in common. Smile. Head nod.

Did you know that even when there isn’t a fan event going on in the parks, you can head to the DISboards to meet other Disney fans that might be traveling when you are? Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line are all represented It’s a great way to compare notes about your plans and possibly even arrange a meet-up. We still chat with DISers that we met on the DISboards from a trip we took to Walt Disney World back in 2009!


Since Disneyland is my territory, let’s start there. The Disneyland Resort Meets links are kept in THIS thread. There are currently chats going on for DISers traveling in March and June, so if you’re traveling in another month, you get to start the conversation!

Over at Walt Disney World, all of the meets threads are kept in the Doing the Happy Dance subforum. Even if you’re heading out in March or April, it’s not too late to say hello.

If you have a Disney Cruise Line vacation planned, the meet threads are in the Disney Cruise Meets subform, with individual index threads for each ship by year. For example, if you’re heading to Alaska on the Disney Wonder this summer, you’ll find links to the 2019 Wonder meets in THIS thread. So organized!


Even if you’re not planning a trip, you can head over to the DISboards to share your love of Disney Movies, Disney Photography, Disney Video Games, runDisney, and more. You can even meet DISers in your own backyard in the Dis Meets subform. Are there Any Michigan Disers out there?

There are no strangers in the Disney parks or on the DISboards.

For me, sharing the Disney experience is what it’s all about. Share it with your family, share it with other DISers, or share it with strangers. The magic is in the sharing.