Review: ‘Trick or Tea’ – A Frightfully Delightful Tea Party at Steakhouse 55

Dating back to the 1800’s, afternoon tea was introduced to England and was a fashionable social event that has been an English tradition since. As a young girl, I always had pretend tea parties, and as the years grew on I would always love to meet with friends and have tea parties. When I heard that Steakhouse 55 had afternoon tea I knew that I had to try it, but when? We heard great feedback about the Halloween “Trick or Tea” party, so I knew we would have to try it during the Halloween season. Well, the time came and we were able to snag a reservation for this dining experience in the Disneyland Hotel. This regal ritual is available Fridays through Sundays from Noon to 3 p.m. Reservations are highly recommended since this is very popular.

*The DIS publishes reviews of meals that we pay for. We only utilize discounts and offers if they are available to the general public, such as annual passholder discounts. We receive no outside compensation for our dining experiences so that we may give our honest opinions about price and value.


Tyler and I were really excited to try “Trick or Tea” since we heard great things about it. Because of the popularity, Steakhouse 55 added Thursdays for this special tea party in October. I was expecting this restaurant to be packed, since this was a fully booked day. Walking in, I was surprised on how spaced out each party was with one another. The tables were set elegantly with white china accented with silver and a floral display that resembled well-known Disney Villains.




Our server was amazing and attentive. She was understanding and switched out our teas since we were not fond of our first choice. When talking to servers about my gluten allergy, some tend to hesitate on answering what can or cannot be made gluten-free. Not our server! She knew everything that I could have, and said it with an assuring tone. Each course came out in a smooth and steady manner where we didn’t feel rushed but had very little down time.


Food and Tea

The menu has an extensive tea selection with a couple seasonal ones, like the Apple Pie tea and Herbal Spiced Chai. There is a creative take on the normal tea for the adventurous adult who would like to partake in libations with a tea-infused cocktail section. There are two different tea party packages for guests to choose from and a kids tea party package with more kid-friendly options. We decided to choose the Premium Tea Party to see if the extra $13 difference was worth it.


Course 1

Sparkling Wine- Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvee Brut  

Cruella de Vil inspired Salad– Spring Greens, Candied Pecans, Dragon Fruit, with Strawberry Riesling Vinaigrette

Right off the bat I though the Premium Tea Party was worth the extra $13 because we were getting a glass of sparkling wine, and not any sparkling wine, we were getting a glass of Iron Horse Fairy Tale Brut. A glass of this Brut usually goes for around $18 at the Disneyland Resort so we thought it was a great deal, plus we received a salad to enjoy with our special drink. The salad was light, with a clever touch of dragon fruit to tie in the Dalmatian theme to the Cruella-inspired salad. It was refreshing to the palate and not as sweet as I thought it would be. The candied pecans added the rich buttery flavor and texture that elevated the salad to the next level.




I felt like the Mad Hatter going mad over all the choices of tea. How am I supposed to choose just one? What if I don’t like the tea I chose, am I stuck with it? Our server eased our anxious thoughts and let us know that if we didn’t enjoy the tea, she would swap it out for something else. So with that settled, I chose the Rosy Fig, which was described to be a beautiful light blend with mellow nutty tastes, sweet fig, and floral rose notes. Our server sold me on this tea because she said it had more of an almond taste with a hint of fig. She had me sold! Tyler decided to try the Osmanthus Flower, which is a fragrant floral green tea. The tea had already been steeped when it came out so we didn’t have to fuss over the tea infuser. Unfortunately, both of us were disappointed in our first choice because neither of them had any flavor. We both tasted subtle floral notes but we really had to search.

Our server was amazing and asked if we wanted to select new choices or try the same ones and steep the leaves longer. I decided to try the Apple Pie and Tyler decided to try the Organic Chamomile Flower. The Apple Pie tasted just like it was described — crisp autumn apples enveloped in warm, fragrant cinnamon, nutmeg, and buttery pie crust. After taking the first sip I felt transported to the holidays and it made me smile ear to ear. Tyler also really liked the sweet and fragrant Chamomile tea he chose.


Main Course


My selection of tea sandwiches, scone, and desserts came out on a different plate than Tyler’s but the majority of the options were the same, only made gluten-free. I was actually surprised and very happy to have so many options on my plate. The restaurant did a great job with making sure there were plenty of choices. Tyler’s selections came out on a beautiful three-tier plate stand separating the tea sandwiches, scones, and dessert.

Gluten-Free Plate

Tea Sandwiches– Avocado Edamame, Serrano Ham and Hummus, Roast Prime Rib with creamy Horseradish, and Black Beet Deviled Egg


Dessert– Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Fruit Tart, Macaron, and Seasonal Fruit Sorbet

Out of the four tea sandwiches, I really liked the Serrano Ham and Hummus and the Avocado Edamame. I was more than thrilled with my gluten-free scone with currants. It was exquisite, with a delicate buttery texture and no trace of the taste of currants. Eating the scone cannot be complete without trying the three spreads they gave, which were the Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd, and the seasonal Fruit Preserve, which was raspberry. I loved them all but the Devonshire cream mixed with the fruit preserve was my favorite pair. Out of the dessert section, the tart was my favorite; it had a perfect buttery crust with velvety custard and sweet fruit on top. The macarons were cooked perfectly and paired well with the apple pie tea.


Regular Plate

Tea Sandwiches– Avocado Edamame, Serrano Ham and Hummus, Roast Prime Rib with creamy Horseradish, and Black Beet Deviled Egg

Scones Candy Corn and Chocolate Chip

Dessert– Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Pumpkin Cupcake, Gingerbread Cookie, and Salted Caramel Apple


Tyler really enjoyed the Roast Prime Rib with Creamy Horseradish the most and the Serrano Ham and Hummus came in at a close second. We both agreed that the deviled egg was off-putting because of the black exterior. Tyler was daring and tried it and said the texture was different than the normal hard boiled egg whites and the yolk mixture tasted bland.


The scones were served nice and warm with a delightful aroma. The candy corn scone had frosting on top to make it look like candy corn but was maple flavored throughout. This scone was a little too sweet and had an overwhelming taste of maple. The scent reminded me of pancakes because of the butter and maple. The chocolate chip scone was the winner, and adding the Devonshire cream heightened the luscious buttery scone.

The cupcake was soft, moist, and had a strong flavor of pumpkin. The cream cheese frosting on top balanced the pumpkin taste. Be careful of touching and eating this cupcake because of the black frosting. It will dye your mouth and teeth black for a while. The Halloween-themed strawberry is either decorated with the Queen of Hearts or Oogie Boogie; either one you get will be delicious.   

Last Course

Farewell Truffles– Tahitian Vanilla Truffle and Salted Caramel Truffle


Because of choosing the premium package we were given farewell truffles in a sweet little box to take home. We tried them the next day and thought they were a perfect little gift to take home to extend the tea party we had the day before. Out of the two, we both concurred that the vanilla truffle was the best, with a rich dark chocolate exterior and a luscious dark chocolate ganache in the middle and a hint of vanilla lingering on your palate after.


If you are thinking about doing the afternoon tea at Steakhouse 55 make sure to make a reservation, since day-of reservations are very seldom seen. The holidays are coming up, so the tea party will be changing very soon. Tyler enjoyed it but didn’t think it was worth $65 per person and couldn’t see himself doing this again for the price point. For a person who loves trying interesting new teas and loves tea parties, I personally thought it was fun and think it would be a great place to go if you wanted to have a day with your best friends and catch up.

The next debate is, if you are going, do you choose the Classic Tea Party or the Premium Tea Party? If you like sparkling wine, then yes — it is absolutely worth the extra $13. If you do not drink or don’t like sparking wine then we really didn’t think the Premium Party is worth it. We didn’t see a lot of children at this tea party and that was probably because we went on a Thursday and not on the weekend, but we hear that kids who appreciate tea parties really like this event. Reservations are available online 60 days in advance, so if you are wanting to experience an elegant afternoon tea, make a reservation as soon as possible. 



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