Fun Disney Things to Do at Home to Bring in a Bit of Magic

In this article, I will list five engaging things to do while you and yours wait for the parks to reopen. Most of these ideas use social media and online access. I hope they sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust over you and yours in these most uncertain times, bringing at least a speck of that Disney Magic.

5. Prepare to be your best at Disney pin trading

So many pins, so little time.

Life will eventually return to some sense of normalcy, and this is your chance to prepare. Purchase your authentic pin lots on Amazon to stock up on ‘traders,’ or buy mystery packs off of the online Disney Store. Use the internet to find your new favorite pins, new releases or pins that you weren’t sure the name of, and create a list of those you wish to find. That way, you have goals in mind when we are allowed to trade together in the parks again.

I’m hoping that pin trading will again be a personal activity sometime soon.

4. Drink around the world at home

Soon we’ll get to spend time together in EPCOT again.

This is a fun idea! With so many recipes online for Disney treats nowadays, you and I can make our favorite Walt Disney World-exclusive drinks at home. You can even do this with non-alcoholic drinks so that little ones may participate. Put YouTube videos or pictures from online of your favorite EPCOT spots on your TV or project them onto the wall. You could even use this same concept while applying it to a monorail crawl with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Feel like you’re really there until we all can be again.

3. More virtual fun via YouTube

Kevin… she’s a sight when you aren’t expecting her.

View some of your favorite virtual meet and greets, and mute the sound to pretend you are actually at the parks meeting with that elusive character of your choice or your go-to favorite. Or sit outside in your comfy hammock, chair, or outdoor spot. Pick a music loop from your favorite park land or resort and mix up your favorite drink or whip up your favorite snack from that location. Then sit for a bit with your eyes closed and imagine. Before you know it, you’ll be imagining you are really inside the magic like we all used to be.

2. Pack/stock up on stuff for your next Disney trip

Make sure you have all of your necessities so that you’ll have what you need for your next trip.

It is such an inconvenience to arrive at your Disney resort and realize you have forgotten an essential item. It is so easy to forget what you may want to bring with you on your next trip, like your favorite gum that the Disney parks do not carry or soda for inside the park. Have a trip in the fall or at the end of the year that you are anticipating? Place your suitcases in an out-of-the-way location such as your closet, top of your fridge, spare room, or storage room. This way, you can prepare months ahead of time, giving you plenty of time to set up your cutest outfits for your next Disney trip. Packing little by little may save you time in the long run, and will hopefully help you to remember to pack your favorite items.

1. Plan your next Disney trip

Getting the whole family in on the action definitely makes a difference.

If you have had to postpone or cancel your next Disney trip, this affords you more planning time. I’m not sure about you, but for me and mine, having time to plan is one of the great joys of our pre-trip. It’s nice to get input from those in your travel party and include a little bit of everyone’s wants, thereby making the final outcome even more fulfilling.

What places, attractions, and events have you never attended that you have always desired to? Place your far-flung desires alongside some reasonable plans. Date night is always a fun planning opportunity. No date partner? Plan a Mommy/Daddy day in the case of single parents bringing their children to a Disney destination. Or even a bar night if your travel party is comprised solely of friends 21 and over. There are plenty of fun ideas that you can incorporate into your travel itinerary.

Until we can all meet together again.

How are you coping with the parks being closed? Have you found any Disney-related activity that you and yours will keep doing after this pandemic is over? Where’s the first place that you will visit now that Disney Springs has reopened?

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