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Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’

Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’ star_wars_helmets star_wars_helmets

While Star Wars has been around for many years, it has not always been “cool” to be a Star Wars nerd. Many cultural trends may have come and gone, but through it all, true hard-core Star Wars fans have weathered every fad that’s come their way. And now with a new generation experiencing The Force Awakens, and eagerly anticipating the new Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World, it’s finally entered the room of “nerdishly cool”. Many have begun asking themselves: Am I really a hard-core Star Wars nerd? Or simply a Jango B. Bandwagon or Jedi Come Lately?

Here are the top 10 signs you are a true, hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’:

10- Your parents took you to see your first Star Wars movie

Being a Star Wars nerd is something that can be learned, yes. But for many: It is an inherited trait, either transferred to us unwittingly in our mother’s womb, retold to us through bedtime stories, or lovingly spoon fed to us since early childhood. If you can trace your love of the Star Wars lifestyle to your fondest memories with your parents: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.

9- You use the Emperor’s March as a ringtone on your phone…yet don’t answer the phone when it rings. (At least not the first time the other party tries calling…)

How many times have you been in line at the grocery store or at a restaurant, and started to hum and tap your fingers along with the beat as you unwittingly let your phone ring…just so you can continue humming the famous Emperor’s March? While it may annoy the Bantha poodoo out of those in your vicinity, and in addition draw a few curse words from most everyone else in earshot…you simultaneously (and perhaps subconsciously) “send out the vibe” to others, just to see if anyone reacts with a smile. If you can relate to this non-answering, melodic cellphone skullduggery: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’ star wars trivial pursuit star wars trivial pursuit

8- You find yourself buying stuff you already have…because it’s Star Wars Limited Edition!

From mac and cheese to checkers….soda bottles to mudflaps…..and tennis shoes to bed sheets, there is a plethora of Star Wars gear to fill even Jabba’s palace (which you could probably start putting a down payment on, if you didn’t fill your time re-buying all your stuff when the Star Wars limited edition gear comes out…in multiple waves and editions). If you find yourself unable to resist the glitz and glamour of limited edition consumer goods and collectibles, even though you risk the wrath of your significant other: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’ star wars shirts star wars shirts

7- Your wardrobe is filled with overt or covert references to Star Wars lore

Sure, you may be a doctor, teacher, long-distance trucker, or farmer by trade…But for those in the know, you literally wear your Star Wars fandom on your sleeve…in most cases, both of them. It could be lightsabers, starfighters, Death stars (1st or 2nd), or a beloved character. If you are honest there are at least 4 days a week where your attire makes some reference to the Star Wars universe. While some prefer the covert sporting of bright blue R2-D2 socks, others like to announce their Empire allegiance loud and proud with a retro tie fighter shirt. At the mall? In the courtroom? No matter. As long as you use the force wherever you go, you’ve covered all your bases. Whatever your preference, if at least part of your outfit screams, “I’m a scruffy nerfherder!”: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.

6- You become angry at the mere random thought of Jar Jar soiling your beloved franchise…

If we are honest, all families have them at some point in the family tree: Those crazy distant characters who we are told we need to love and accept, no matter how many crazy and messed up things they try to pull and ruin our childhood. Jar Jar Binks is definitely no exception to this sad (but all too familiar) mantra of trying to love “extended, somehow-they-snuck-into-our-tree, family”. If you still refuse to believe he was actually given screen time in the prequels (choosing to believe it was only a terrible, terrible nightmare that just won’t go away)….If you have forever pruned him from the family tree of Star Wars heritage: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.

5- Whenever Star Wars comes up in conversation, everyone looks at you

One of the most sure-fire signs that you have gone hard core Star Wars nerd is when even you start to notice something strange. You may not always be the center of attention, but whenever the topic of Star Wars comes up in conversation, everyone turns to look at you….and you start to notice it. Maybe it was the subtle references of your blaze orange Skywalker helmet shirt that you chose to wear every Thursday for the past 5 weeks. Or perhaps it was all of the uneaten boxes of Star Wars cereal that are stashed haphazardly in your kitchen, office, and garage (you know, because it was “on sale”). Whatever the case may be, even you have at least started to notice that everyone looks to you for any reaction or opinion Star Wars-related. Has this happened to you? If so: You area a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’ chewie chewie

4- You get confused and/or annoyed whenever someone badmouths Wookies or Ewoks

Were Ewoks publicly touted as a way to get more kids involved in the merchandising aspect of Star Wars? Sure…way after the fact. But did you see how they kicked stormtrooper butt in the forests of Endor with those bows, sharp rocks and huge boulders? How they brutally crushed and tripped up those towering walkers with hand-hewn oaken logs? If that doesn’t say, “Furry, creepy deviants that you don’t want to mess with”, I don’t know what will. And Wookies….are NOT sasquatch, and NOT the Yeti from Expedition Everest at WDW. For the love of Alderaan! Tell that to the those who have fallen victim to Chewie’s arm-socket-ripping rage. If he wants to chase you: He gets you! If you find yourself making a tight fist, while your pulse starts racing and jaw starts tightening….and you feel like turning and chewing out that person in line that claims that those “cute teddy bears” make Return of the Jedi silly (Sigh…..) Then, well: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


3- Girl…or boy: You have at one point impersonated Princess Leia

Sure, any man or boy can dress up like Luke and pull it off for the most part. But what about…Leia? Just look at those (hair) buns! While many casual observers or fans of the franchise would simply think impersonating Princess Leia as a strictly “girl thing”, reserved for large and colorful cosplay conventions or late Autumn costume parties…True Star Wars nerds know the truth: Yes, even guys have (at least for a few seconds) impersonated this galactic icon that balances brains, brawn, and beauty. Come on. Be honest. It could be simply holding up cinnamon buns to the side of your head, or draping a slightly damp towel over your head, all while whispering earnestly, “Save us, Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope…” to a loved one or (ex) family member. No matter what gender you are, or form of flattery you have chosen…If you can honestly say that you have impersonated Princess Leia at least once in your lifetime: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


2- You have seen all the Star Wars movies, shows…and the Holiday Special (over and over…)

Anyone can say they have seen a few Star Wars movies, but how many have invested the time to really explore the Star Wars universe through the lens of the Clone Wars (original, or second animated series), or Rebels? Even so, how many 1) know what the Holiday Special is 2) have watched it and 3) have willingly watched it multiple times for fun? If you can’t get into your yuletide spirit to celebrate Life Day without trying to follow Wookie-to-Wookie dialogue, or seeing pastel Boba Fett: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.


Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’ vader shadow vader shadow

1- Swoosh: Fright time at night time

You may be old enough to vote, serve in public office, or drink hard alcohol…or you may still be escaping from the Deathstar with your beloved figurines every recess after lunch…..No matter your age, after dark you still fear meeting the swoosh of a bright crimson lightsaber and the outline of Vader’s shadowy figure. Is he real? No…you know that. Was he there last time? Not that you can remember, but stranger things have happened, right? And just as Luke’s strong feelings told him when the Dark Side was near, you’d be a fool not to at least indulge your Jedi-like intuition too, right? If you find yourself dreading the dark, for fear of actually meeting what you know to be a fictional Sith lord: You are a hard-core Star Wars nerd.

Jonathan is a Disney and Star Wars aficionado who currently resides in Europe with his beautiful (and out of his league) wife and awesome kids. When not planning his next WDW vacation, he has been known to write here and there about various topics in his spare time....


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