10-Year-Old Girl Robbed of Disneyland Savings, Police Paid for Her Trip

One has to wonder if the thief who burglarized a home in Salinas, California could have had any idea that they weren't just stealing $200 cash, they were robbing a child of her dream. It probably doesn't matter much, because where some people take without thinking, others give because they care: such was the case with police officers who sent the 10-year-old victim of  a theft to Disneyland on their own hard-earned dimes. Andrea Ramirez possessed a dream common among 10-year-olds and adults alike; she wanted to see Disneyland. Unlike many 10-year-olds, though, she didn't just ask for a trip, she saved. She had acquired $200 for her vacation by the time someone broke into her home and left it significantly lacking in Disney savings. “I was so happy to go but when they robbed me I thought I wasn’t going to go anymore,” Andrea said about the theft. Naturally, she went to her local police station. In the case of a burglary, one would expect for the authorities to file a report. One would not expect, however, for them to make it their responsibility to get the victim to Disneyland. Police Chief Adele Frese explained, "Our police officers said 'no way, not on my watch, it was bad enough the burglary happened but we got to make this good for this little girl." Police and community service officers donated money to replace the $200, and then some. By the time they called Andrea's family in, under the guise of identifying stolen property, they had amassed more than a thousand dollars. "When they did that, they gave me a bunch of money that I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing," said Ramirez. Andrea returned from her trip to Disneyland with character photos and souvenirs for her family. Hopefully, she also returned with the knowledge that when one person pushes you down, there are always many more to help you back up. At the very least, she has gained an appreciation of her local community police. She said, "I don’t know what to say but they’re super nice and they have a big heart to everybody that they help." Source: WESH2 (NBC)