Alan Bergman and Alan Horn Add New Roles at The Walt Disney Company

Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO for The Walt Disney Company, announced today that both Alan Bergman and Alan Horn will be expanding their roles in the company’s Studio Entertainment division. Bergman, currently the president of Walt Disney Studios, will become Co-Chairman of the Studio Entertainment division, where he will serve alongside Horn. Both will report directly to Iger. In addition, Horn will also assume the role of Chief Creative Officer, a position formerly held by John Lasseter. Iger said of the change:

“Seven years ago, I had the good fortune of hiring Alan Horn as Chairman of our Studios, and since then, our Studio Entertainment group has delivered creative excellence and tremendous box office success. Alan Bergman’s leadership has also been key to making our Studios the gold standard of the industry. The new ‘co-chair’ structure formally recognizes the powerful partnership behind one of the most successful eras in our Studios’ history and ensures we remain focused on creating extraordinary entertainment experiences for audiences around the world.”

Source: The Walt Disney Company

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