Animator Celebrates 65th Anniversary with The Walt Disney Company

In 1953 animator Burny Mattinson was hired by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Earlier this year on March 5, he became the longest-serving cast member in Disney history. Just a few weeks ago on June 4, Mattinson celebrated his 65th anniversary with the company. At the celebration of Mattinson's 65th anniversary, the Walt Disney Animation Studios President Andrew Millstein said, “All of us who work at Walt Disney Animation Studios are better because of your participation and your presence at the Company.” Millstein wasn’t the only one who had kind words for Mattinson. Director Don Hall (Big Hero 6) was encouraged by Mattinson on many projects saying, “If Burny thinks it’s a good idea, it gives you the confidence to go forward with it.” Mattinson worked his way up through several jobs at the studio and is now seen as a great mentor for young animators. Credit/Image: The Walt Disney Company