Bill Nye Suing Disney for Over $37 Million


According to Deadline, Bill Nye of Bill Nye the Science Guy is suing the “Walt Disney Company and a host of its subsidiaries today for more than $37 million.” Nye is claiming he never received his full cut from the profits of Bill Nye the Science Guy, which was a long-running series that taught children and their families about science. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday, August 24, 2017, in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Nye’s lawsuit hits The Walt Disney Company from multiple perspectives. One of Nye’s claims is Disney’s “breach of fiduciary duty,” which caused suffering according to Nye, and could cost Disney Nine Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Sixty-Five dollars ($9,350,565.00).

Another claim Nye makes is that by not paying him, they enriched the company an additional Twenty-Eight Million Fifty-One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety-Five dollars ($28,051,695.00), which Nye believe these “ill-gotten profits” should be paid to him.

Nye alleges that in April of 2008, he received a check from Buena Vista Television “for $585,000 as his share of the net profits.” Yet, a couple months later, Buena Vista Television asked Nye via letter for $496,111 back, as they claimed there was a retraction to the previous calculation of Nye’s share of the profit.

With the massive ‘accounting error,’ Nye began questioning the accuracy in accounting at both Buena Vista Television and the Walt Disney Company. After Nye refused to pay back Buena Vista Television, he stopped receiving royalty payments from the company on July 22, 2008. Buena Vista Television insisted that he pay back the “overpayment” before he should receive his share of the future profits.

Credit: Deadline and their contributor Dominic Patten

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