Disney Responds to the Monorail Door Incident


After a guest shared a video on her Instagram of a monorail door being left open during a trip between the Transportation and Ticket Center and Epcot at Walt Disney World it quickly garnered a lot of attention online, and on central Florida local news. According to WESH 2 News, a Disney spokesperson responded to the incident saying, “We regret that this occurred. Safety is our biggest concern. We immediately removed that train from service and have taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Due to this incident Disney was prompted to install signage above the monorail doors that now reads, “Caution: Do Not Lean Against Door.”

WESH 2 also had the opportunity to talk to the passenger who took the video of the incident. She told them, “The passengers in the car were all adults with the exception of two young children riding on parents’ laps. Several of the people in the car took charge, reminding everyone that we were unharmed and that if nobody moved and we were calm we would reach the station safely.”

Credit: WESH 2

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