Guest Shares Video of Monorail Red Traveling with Door Open

A video posted on a Walt Disney World guest's Instagram account shows what was likely an incredibly scary monorail ride from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Epcot and a potentially dangerous situation for passengers. The monorails are supposed to have door sensors installed that signal the pilot if any of the doors are not closed completely, but those safety systems apparently failed. Those sensors are also supposed to trigger a safety mechanism that restricts the train from leaving the station until the issue is fixed. In addition to the door sensors, each cabin has a phone available for passengers to call for assistance or to alert a Cast Member of an issue but they don't appear to have functioned properly during this mishap.

Monorail red is not having a good day and I'm having a panic attack. #disney #monorail #thisisfine #callmaintenance

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In the video below, you can clearly see that the monorail was able to travel all the way to its destination at the Epcot station.
Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Source: The Disney Blog

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