Disney Shares First Look at Peter Pan Mosaic Mural at Disney’s Riviera Resort

In a little over a month, Disney’s Riviera Resort will open to guests and the first look at another beautiful component of the property has just been shared.

Two mosaic murals are being constructed within a walkway tunnel at the Resort and the first one features a scene from Peter Pan.


These massive elements will be recessed into the walls of the tunnel and will span across the arched ceiling. Each of the two pieces features “a unique story set along the tunnel wall and will be joined at the top by a shared mosaic sky, rising 20 feet in the air.”

The Peter Pan mural presents a magical scene of London at night, with Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, and John flying off to Neverland. More than 500,000 hand-cut tiles were laid by hand to create this amazing mosaic.


Any guesses on what the second mosaic’s theme will be?

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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