Disney Wants to Be Dropped from Harvey Weinstein Lawsuit

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Walt Disney Company, which once owned Harvey Weinstein’s film studio Miramax Film, want to be “dismissed from a putative class action brought by alleged victims” of Mr. Weinstein.

Disney argues that they should not be liable in this case, but the women suing believe the company “should be held responsible for negligent supervision.” The lawsuit claims that Disney “knew or should have known not only that Weinstein was unfit or incompetent to work directly with women and posed a particular risk of sexually harassing and assaulting them, but also that this unfitness created a particular risk.”

A similar lawsuit was hindered because The Weinstein Company went bankrupt. Now this case, which was filed on June 1 and lead by plaintiffs Caitlin Dulany, Larissa Gomes and Melissa Thompson distinctly involve The Walt Disney Company as defendants.

Disney representatives said, “Notably absent are alleged facts that Disney employed Weinstein, that Disney knew or should have known about Weinstein’s alleged misconduct, or that Weinstein’s alleged misconduct involved Disney’s premises or property. Allegations about Disney’s former subsidiary, Miramax, are irrelevant to the claims against Disney because Miramax and Disney are separate corporate entities.”

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Image: Disney

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