Disney’s New StudioLab is Developing In-Park Technologies and Guest Experiences

Disney's new StudioLAB recently opened for creatives and executives to work on innovative storytelling and animation. It's also for developing new technology that enhances consumer experiences in movie theaters, stores, and in the theme parks. StudioLAB Movie Poster One of the innovations StudioLAB is currently working on is pencil-thin LCD displays that can flush walls and be controlled via iPad to load new content. These displays are intended to revolutionize movie posters as they can change the poster to make movie recommendations based on who is looking at it. Moviegoers would be able to interact with a movie poster for the first time. StudioLAB 3D StudioLAB is also using 3D projectors and internet-connected light bulbs to create glasses-free virtual reality experiences, mainly in the theme parks. By projecting 3D scenes on three walls, guests would be able to experience virtual reality in a whole new way. Technologies are also being developed for the creatives themselves. Drones are being used to scout movie shoot locations and equipment is being used to eventually shoot high-quality footage through a smartphone. Additionally, StudioLAB is tinkering with virtual cameras and VR headsets to help producers frame shots more effectively. Source/Images: Variety

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