Florida Governor Says State May Auto-Enroll Furloughed Disney Cast Members into Unemployment System

With more than 70,000 Walt Disney World Cast Members being furloughed on April 19th, some are concerned that Florida’s unemployment system won’t be able to handle the increased number of applicants. In a press conference today, Governor Ron DeSantis says the state is working on a way to auto-enroll those workers to help avoid any issues.

DSantis said that since the state knows the furloughs are coming, it would “make sense” to get ahead of the curve by getting employee data from Disney in advance. He speculated that the state might be able to input the needed information during the slower, overnight hours.

DeSantis added, “I think it would make sense and it would probably be easier for everyone,” but also cautioned that Cast Members wouldn’t move ahead of other workers and “wouldn’t get any special place in line.”

Disney theme parks have been closed since mid-March, however, Cast Members were still being paid. Starting April 19th, Disney is furloughing its non-essential Cast Members.

Source: WESH2