Former Disney Cruise Line Cast Member Files Harassment Lawsuit

Anthony McHugh, a middle-aged former male labor analyst at Disney Cruise Line, recently filed a lawsuit claiming that his younger female manager created a hostile work environment by bullying him about his age, bragging about sleeping with married men in the office, and passing him over for promotions.

According to the lawsuit, the female supervisor referred to McHugh as a “stuffy old fart” in front of other staff and refused to provide him with an iPhone or tablet as she did for other staff members who were younger than 40. She also reportedly passed him over for promotions although he claims that he was more qualified and had worked there longer than those who received the promotions. McHugh stated that he was discharged last year after he complained to the human resources department about his manager’s behavior.

In a statement, Disney Cruise Line says that the claims are without merit and that they will respond in court.

Source: Orlando Sentinel