Marvel Teams Up with Bo Bridges to Launch “Hidden Heroes Collection”

Marvel recently collaborated with renowned action photographer Bo Bridges to create a line of photo-real limited edition fine art and wall art featuring Marvel’s heroes and villains.

Bridges is famous for his vast portfolio of exhilarating action shots and movie posters. Marvel is translating his innate ability into an exciting project that rips Marvel characters off the comic book pages and thrusts them into the real world.

Hidden Heroes - Black Panther

The first collection is called Hidden Heroes, featuring Marvel heroes hidden in Bridge’s most iconic photos. For instance, Bridge’s shot of a thunder storm reveals Black Panther Mountain looming in the background through the fog.


In other pieces, Spider-Man hides in the shadows ready to spring into action as an unknowing skateboarder flies through Venom’s territory. Rocket Racoon protects a California surf spot, standing in the shadow. Ant-Man and Wasp are shown in an aerial shot of a beach where people are scaled down to seem like a colony of ants (see if you can find them!). The collection also features Captain America, The Hulk, Groot, Thor and many others.

Bridges stated, “We loved the idea of the characters being hidden in the images, almost like Easter eggs. Their more subtle placement allows for a more sophisticated piece that can serve as the focal point of a home or office while still nodding to the owner’s love of Marvel.”

The Hidden Heroes collection will launch on July 18th at the X-Games, an event that Bridges has frequented for years as a lead photographer. A selection of pieces will be on display, and Bridges will be on site signing pieces from July 20th – July 22nd.

Marvel fans can also witness the unveiling of the full collection on September 22nd at Bridge’s Manhattan Beach, California gallery.

To purchase any piece from Bridge’s and Marvel’s Hidden Heroes Collection, including posters, paper prints, MX tires and surf skateboards, visit

Source/Images: Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media