New 2018 Disney Parks Merchandise Collection Has Arrived with a Fresh New Look

18 Merch Feature

It’s always fun to commemorate your Disney Parks vacation with a piece of merchandise that displays the year that your trip took place. This morning, Steve Miller over at the Disney Parks Blog has shared a look at some of the pieces guests will find in the parks for 2018; take a look!

The 2018 pin collection includes sketches of iconic Disney landmarks, attractions, and classic characters throughout the designs.

18 Merch Pins

Chip and Dale can be seen hiding inside an “oversized” Mickey Mouse ear hat in a cute plush figure and a holiday ornament too.

18 Merch Hats

The number eight in ‘2018’ is tied together throughout the new line with “repeating circles filled with sketches” of items seen in the Disney Parks. As you can see, the number eight also makes for a perfect handle on a coffee mug!

18 Merch Mugs

Finally, guests will find these fashionable pieces of apparel with the circles incorporated into the designs as well.

18 Merch Shirts

Happy shopping!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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