Odd Silence in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Causes Theatres to Post Warning Signs


One particular unconventional choice made by Film Director Rian Johnson is creating a bit of confusion to movie goers seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi causing some movie theaters to intrude.

At approximately 1 hour and 52 minutes into the movie, all sound ceases for about 10 seconds.

Star Wars VFX supervisor Ben Morris agrees that although this seems like an unusual effect, it has been a good choice for this Star Wars film. “We had always hoped that would resonate, both as a story beat and as a striking visual, and when I heard all of the cries and gasps in the silence, it was just fantastic,” Morris stated. “We realized that it worked. That’s never really happened in Star Wars before.”

A warning has been posted by some theaters, including AMC, that reassures the audience that the silence is an “intentional creative choice, and not a technical glitch or other mishap, as many have reportedly complained.” AMC told Entertainment Weekly that this has been a repeated point of confusion.

The sign reads as follows:

“Please note: The Last Jedi contains a sequence at approximately 1 hour and 52 minutes into the movie in which ALL sound stops for about 10 full seconds. While the images continue to play on the screen you will hear nothing. This is intentionally done by the director for a creative effect.”

Here is a photo of the sign as posted by Facebook user Paul Scheer:

Source: EW

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