Temporary Floral Garden Proposed for Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Area


A local businessman has proposed a European-style garden on the land set aside for future expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland.

The 148-acre is reserved for the second phase of the resort, which isn’t expected to begin construction until at least 2023.

Businessman Alan Fang said Kaleido Park would be the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Fang is working with a Dutch floriculture expert who will oversee the project.

Due to the scarcity of available land in Hong Kong, lawmakers are concerned about leaving the plot empty, however long-term projects suggested by lawmakers don’t fit the usage requirements of the land.

Lawmaker Yiu Si-wing says, however, that the project should include dining and other entertainment services, adding that “the garden needs to be more than about flowers to attract locals and tourists.”

Any agreements for use of the land will have to be approved by lawmakers.

Earlier, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau had been looking for short-term solutions, such as renting out the land for entertainment events, but during a trip to the Netherlands, officials said they welcomed the new plan.

Hong Kong Disneyland is in the middle of a major expansion that is adding two new lands to the park and revamping Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Source: South China Morning Post

Image: Disney

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