Union Representing Disney World Cast Members Confirms 8,857 Layoffs

The Services Trades Council Union (STCU) representing 43K Walt Disney World cast members has released a statement this afternoon providing more details regarding the number of cast members who are being laid off.

In the statement, the STCU announced that no full-time union-represented cast members will be losing their jobs, even those who are currently on furlough status.

Disney originally informed the union that 5,299 full-time and 8,857 part-time cast members would be laid off, but after several days of negotiations, the union has announced that the 8,857 part-time cast members are going to be moved from furlough to laid off.

The part-time cast members who are laid off do have a contractual right to be recalled to their previous positions until October 1, 2022.

At this time, 7,731 full-time and 9,106 part-time cast members are currently on furlough status.

The full statement is below.

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