Walt Disney World Construction Update: Pathway Widening from Liberty Square to Fantasyland

A construction project is currently going on at Magic Kingdom along the pathway that goes from Liberty Square to Fantasyland. From the looks of it, the widening of the pathway is going to take up some of the moat, but hopefully not too much of it. It also appears that some sort of curved staircase is being constructed near the bridge at the Liberty Square side. magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction10 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction9 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction8 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction7 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction6 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction5 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction4 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction3 magic-kingdom-walkway-widening-construction2

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