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Disney settles Mission:Space lawsuit

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Jan 8, 2009 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
A lawsuit filed by a company that provided critical engineering support to the creation of Mission: Space has been settled, according to a report in the Orlando Business Journal.

Environmental Tectonics claimed, among other things, that Disney had failed to pay them for all of the work the company did on the attraction, and they wanted the court to affirm their ownership of the technology that went into Mission:Space - allowing them to create similar attractions for other theme parks provided it was not within 100 miles of Disney.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but in a joint press release, a Disney spokesperson stated "Disney very much appreciates the role that ETC played in the design and development of Mission: Space. The centrifuge technology, expertise and experience that ETC brought to the project was very important"

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