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Hall of Presidents preps for new addition

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Nov 2, 2008 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
The Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents attraction is closed now through July 4 for a major refurbishment.

Along with either a likeness of John McCain or Barack Obama, the attraction, which opened in 1971, will include George Washington having a speaking role.

The Hall of Presidents features a speech by Abraham Lincoln accompanied by an address by the president currently in office. Both Clinton and Bush recorded their parts for the attraction and it is hoped that the newly elected president will do the same.

Pam Fisher, Senior Imagineering Show Writer stated "We'll do everything in our power to make it so. We've been really lucky so far. It is quite an experience to arrive in the White House and actually be present when the president records his speech for the Hall of Presidents."

The likenesses of the 43 President's has been sculpted by Blaine Gibson. Now at 90 years of age, he is supervising the creation of the latest figure by Valerie Edwards.

A digital video projection system will provide better views of the artwork by Disney artists Sam McKim, Herb Ryman and John DeCuir.

The biggest improvement will be the addition of LED lighting in spotlighting each president as he's introduced. Fisher commented "That is my No. 1 dream and hope of the show: to make the introduction of the presidents easier to follow. We think that's really the highlight of the show."

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