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Four Items You Must Have In Your Disney Backpack

Five Items You Must Have In Your Disney Backpack thomas-evraert-KrmXXpdL6SE-unsplash 1  Photo by <a href="">Thomas Evraert</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

When planning to spend a full day in the Disney theme parks, many of us will resort to bringing a backpack in order to keep everything safe. Traveling as lightly as possible is the key, giving you the least amount to cart around with you, but there are some essential items that you won’t want to leave behind. Here is a list of four items you will not want to leave your resort room without. Take it from me: number three is the kicker.

Your Phone

Disney is no longer a vacation that will see you free yourself from technology and responsibility. Unless you are taking an extremely noble crack at an old-school Disney experience, you will want to have at least one smartphone between you and your group. Not only will you need your phone with you, but it will need to be fully charged and ready to go. Close all unnecessary apps and turn off any services you don’t need to conserve your battery life; you’re going to need it.


Adding sunscreen to your morning routine won’t be enough to shield you from the elements in Walt Disney World. Be sure to take a travel-sized sunscreen with you and reapply it throughout the day. Without it, especially (but not only) in the warmer months, you could be left with a very uncomfortable sunburn that isn’t conducive to enjoying your Disney vacation.

Portable Charger

Even though we charged those phones before we left the resort, services like Disney Genie+ and My Disney Experience, in general, can quickly reduce your phone battery to those dreaded red single digits. Charge up a portable charger so you can keep everything in peak condition while you are in the parks.

A Couple Of Zip Lock Bags

These are my secret weapon. I’ve used these for just about everything, from leftover snacks that kids can’t finish to save for later to protecting all of our smartphones before boarding a raft ride. I keep a few zip lock bags with me, in a range of sizes, wherever I go. They weigh just about nothing and always come in handy. The largest-sized ones, I’ve sat children on before the parade when the sidewalk is still wet from recent rainfall.

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