4 Countries I’d Love To See Added To The World Showcase


4) India

India is the fastest growing country in the world. India is also a unique culture, and very different from anything seen in the current World Showcase. An India Pavilion would have very distinctive dining experiences. I’ve always loved Epcot because it provided me with a gateway into trying new foods that weren’t just chicken fingers and cheeseburgers. Most likely I won’t have the ability to travel to India anytime soon, but I would love the opportunity to try some genuine Indian cuisine in the World Showcase. I would love it if there would even be multiple dining experiences in this pavilion similar to the France Pavilion. I think an India Pavilion could be very immersive, with little details that make the entire pavilion feel real. Secret Garden, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

3) South Korea

When I think of South Korea I think of the diverse landscapes they have. They have very modern cities like Seoul, and yet they also have small rural fishing villages. I think the World Showcase needs a pavilion that shows this juxtaposition. An attraction that brought guests through the rolling hills and fishing towns, and ended with the big finale of Seoul would be so fun and informative. I’ve also heard that Korean barbecue is mouth-wateringly delicious, so that would make a great restaurant for this potential pavilion. In 2002 the Orlando Sentinel had an article titled Dream Of Korea Pavilion Meets With Cool Reception From Epcot by Robert Johnson, in which a Korean legislator made it clear that Korea’s absence is disappointing. sydney_operahouse

2) Australia

Australia is obliviously its own continent, but it is also an entire area of the world that is under-represented in the World Showcase. The closest country geographically to Australia in the World Showcase is China, and those two countries couldn’t be more different. A miniature version of the iconic Sydney Opera House would be a great place for there to be daily entertainment for the pavilion. The indigenous people in Australia have created rock art for thousands of years, and it is known to be the longest unbroken art form in the world. If done right with the help of cultural and art experts from Australia, I think a cave with rock artwork throughout the cave would create a beautiful walk through experience in this pavilion. Fantasyland-Disneyland-97

1) Switzerland

Since the day the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, guests wondered why Walt Disney World didn’t have the Matterhorn Bobsleds like Disneyland does. Switzerland was once on the docket for being one of the next pavilions added to the World Showcase for this reason. The entire pavilion has concept artwork that was never used. I hope Disney decides to dust off these old drawings, and finally decides to make it a reality. Adding a huge thrill attraction to the World Showcase would be massively popular considering there aren’t any thrill attractions in that entire area of the park. There aren’t many attractions in general in the World Showcase, so to add a classic attraction like the Matterhorn Bobsleds would immediately make this a popular pavilion. I can just imagine yodelers doing street side entertainment. There was even a VIP lounge planned for this pavilion, which furthers my curiosity on the potential of this pavilion.

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