5 Unique Disney World New Year’s Resolutions

We are all die-hard Disney fans right? Therefore, our New Year’s resolutions should reflect that. Sometimes, taking the same trip to Disney can get a little too run of the mill and we start to lose a little of the magic. This list will breathe some new magic into this year’s Disney World trip!

Unplan Your Vacation


Image (c) Kathy Werling

Planning trips to Disney World has become a major endeavor these days. Dining reservations made 180 days in advance, FastPass+ scheduled 60 days in advance, and spreadsheets outlining your schedule for each day of your vacation are the norm. When you have a touring plan that includes bathroom breaks, you know you’ve gone too far. A vacation is supposed to be a break from the work and stress of every day life, not add to it.

What if you didn’t make any dining or FastPass+ reservations? What if you didn’t know what park you were going to go to each day? Okay, I know some of you are starting to sweat and your heart is beating rapidly right now. So I invite you to try it, even for one day on your next Disney World vacation.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before so that you can wake up refreshed with an open mind. Let everyone pick their own outfit for the day (they will appreciate the break from the matching family shirts). Now it’s time to head down to your resort’s bus stop to play “Bus Roulette” – whichever bus comes first, that is the park you are going to for the day! The family member that guesses correctly gets to pick the first ride of the day! Take the day exploring the park and enjoying your family without the stress of trying to keep on schedule. When you are hungry, eat at whatever restaurant you are closest to, you may end up finding a new favorite. If a wait time is too long at a ride, skip it.  Take lots of fun pictures together, enjoy your surroundings and just take the day as it comes.

Try Something New

Whether it is a ride you haven’t done or a restaurant you have never tried, find something new to do on your next Disney Vacation. There are so many new things to try at Disney World, this list just doesn’t stop. Mini Golfing, Water Parks, Tours, Bike & Boat Rentals, Campfires, Archery, and Parasailing are just a handful of things to try.

Make It A Challenge

Why not make your vacation into a challenge? Some ideas include:

  • Try to visit all 4 Disney World parks in 1 day.
  • Make it a game and see who can find the most Hidden Mickeys.
  • Meet as many characters as you can.
  • Ride all of the “Mountains” back to back.
  • Collect as many pressed pennies as you can.
  • How many times can you ride Tower of Terror in 1 day?
  • And of course, the ever favorite among adults, Drink Around The World.

Visit The Other Coast

Some families visit Disney World every single year but have never experienced Disneyland in California. This year, make a resolution to plan a trip to the west coast park where the magic all started. Soak up the history of walking in Walt’s footsteps and riding several of the rides that were there on opening day. Plus, you can experience California Adventure and the amazing Disneyland resorts.

Race To The Castle


Image (c) runDisney

The top New Year’s resolutions year after year are always to live a healthier life. The carrot at the end of that string is a runDisney race. runDisney has races for all ages and abilities, from Kids Dashes to 5Ks all the way up to a Full Marathon. runDisney races are beginner and walker friendly plus they are just so FUN! Many participants dress in costumes, there are lots of character and photo opportunities, and you have the chance to run through the castle! There are a number of races with different themes on both coasts and new for 2016, in Disneyland Paris. Take your health and wellness resolution to a new level by training for a runDisney race this year!

That’s our list of Disney resolutions for 2016. What’s your Disney resolution this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a magical 2016!

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