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A History Teacher Examines Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square

A History Teacher Examines Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square Liberty Square entrance

Fantasy, Tomorrow, Adventure, and Early America? When the Imagineers were designing the Walt Disney World parks, they decided that one of the six main lands would be devoted to our country’s early history. While some may see it and say it is a place where you wait for the Haunted Mansion or where you can get a better parade viewing spot, I find Liberty Square to be one of the most creative and thought-provoking spots in the Magic Kingdom. Here are a few of my favorite things about Liberty Square that I bring up to the students in my classes, or to anyone in the park who will listen!

A History Teacher Examines Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square Hall of Presidents Feb 2021

The Hall of Presidents

Let me just start by saying that if, unless it’s down for refurbishment like is currently the case, you do not do the Hall of Presidents every trip, you are missing out! I could go on forever about the wonderful experience you get inside the theater, but let’s talk about the waiting area!

A History Teacher Examines Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square Hall of Presidents closure sign

When you enter, you are treated to items, letters, and clothing that belonged to many of our Presidents and First Ladies. Show up early to your next showing and take the time to truly look at some of these fascinating items. One of the most interesting pieces in this room is on the floor smack dab in the middle and surrounded by a gate: the seal of the United States. Our country does not just allow this anywhere. It took a special act from Congress to put it on there!

The Details

Why aren’t there any bathrooms in this area? Well, because the early colonists did not have bathrooms the way we have them today (although you can always hop in one of the restaurants). Also, the giant line in the middle of the pathways? It’s not just there for fun. It is there to represent the sewage that would literally be in the streets of any major town.

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on the doors symbolize? Well, put the number 18 in front of them and that equals the year that the specific type of building would be found in. Also, be sure to pay special attention to the windows as some contain other traces of what life during that time was like.

A History Teacher Examines Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square Liberty-Square-11-1

That’s a Big Tree and a Big Bell

The Liberty Tree, as it is referred to, has its “roots” going back to the Revolutionary War and Boston. The Sons of Liberty would meet under a large tree and discuss their plans for the revolution. The tree in Liberty Square is over 100 years old and was actually transplanted in its spot by the Disney Imagineers. Hanging from the tree’s branches, you will see 13 lanterns representing the 13 original colonies.

In Liberty Square, you will also find a bell! Rumors have long been told that this was the only other bell that was cast in the same mold as the original Liberty Bell. Since 1989, this bell has sat in its spot gathering tons of admirers. Extra credit: learn more about Walt Disney World’s Liberty Bell here: Busting a Myth: Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square Liberty Bell.

Do you have any fun historical facts about Liberty Square?


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