A Hit and a Miss at Flower & Garden Festival’s Flavor Full Outdoor Kitchen

The Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is in full swing and, as would only be right, I’ve begun making my way around to the various Outdoor Kitchens. The Flavor Full Outdoor Kitchen has returned again this year with the same menu that they had for last year’s truncated festival. I didn’t make my way to Flavor Full last year before things shut down, so my stop by the booth on the first day of this year’s event was my first bite of their offerings.

I decided to give their Verlasso Seared Salmon with Farro Risotto and Micro Herbs ($6.25) and Strawberry Mousse with Chocolate Crisp Pearls ($4.75) a try.

My thought heading into trying the salmon was that, due to having to prepare the dish in advance and in large volume, it would likely be dry. Unfortunately, my hunch was correct. While I enjoyed the creativity behind the dish, the salmon was definitely on the dry side. I’m hoping that it was just a one-off occurrence.

Before taking a bite of the farro risotto upon which the salmon is served, I took a quick trip around the internet and discovered that farro is a whole-wheat grain. Risotto is usually made from arborio rice, and again, I liked the new twist on things. Shelled edamame was mixed into the bed of farro risotto, offering a contrast to the softer texture of the farro, however, the risotto was quite bland and needed salt. The dish was topped with vinegary julienned radishes and micro herbs, which, in the end, was my favorite part of the dish.

The Strawberry Mousse was my favorite of the two dishes. Chocolate crisp pearls are found throughout the mousse, and offer a nice change in texture. The mousse is served with a sprinkling of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and a few quarters of fresh strawberries.

The overall taste of the mousse is reminiscent of a chocolate covered strawberry. If you’re at the festival and you’re looking for something sweet that isn’t too rich or heavy, this will fit the bill. The treat is fun and has a really nice flavor, and anything that comes with two mini gummy worms gets bonus points in my book.

Flavor Full Outdoor Kitchen can be found on the Rosewalk that connects Future World West with the World Showcase.

Have you tried something delicious at this year’s festival? Please let me know in the comment section below so I can give that item a try!