Find Your Laughing Place at Disney World!

Some of my favorite Disney memories stem from simply watching my young children laugh. Disneyland’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular’s Genie was comic genius; my son was young and it was his first introduction to stand-up comedy. It was wonderful and fun, and was a cherished moment to watch him experience such laughter and joy.

So many attractions that are funny are, unfortunately, temporarily unavailable (or have been discontinued altogether) at Walt Disney World. I miss Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Turtle Talk with Crush (though it is open at Disney California Adventure), and Yehaa Bob.

Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash

So, what is funny at Disney? What makes you laugh? And I don’t mean oh, that’s cute, I mean LAUGH out loud. We all need a good laugh, so let’s try and find one at Disney World!

Mad Tea Party

The Mad Tea Party is such a simple attraction in the Magic Kingdom; it’s oversized teacups spinning in circles. But it makes little ones laugh. They love it! And as a parent it’s such a pleasure watching your little one smiling and sitting on their edge of their seats.

Jungle Cruise

So many people on the Jungle Cruise explore the Amazon and just don’t get the skipper’s humor. Try it again; there are new enhancements that just might cause you to laugh out loud! It’s really very funny! For me, the shtick on this special cruise never gets old, and we should appreciate it because it’s the only Disney cruise in town right now!

Try to Find Goofy!

You can find Goofy at Chef Mickey’s, Tusker House (reopening June 20th, 2021) and the seasonally-themed offerings at Hollywood and Vine, as well as in character cavalcades or meet and greet spots in the parks. While we currently can’t get too up close and personal, Goofy will always be funny, because he’s…goofy! You have to be funny if that’s your name, right?

Country Bear Jamboree

So I am usually not the one laughing at the Country Bear Jamboree, I do need to be honest about that. I don’t get the comedy and never did. Corny, old-fashioned, questionable lyrics, combined with animals, make for great humor, and the majority of adults laugh out loud to every song.


When you play games together, there will be laughter! You can play a game on property at Dinoland U.S.A., carnival games on the BoardWalk (when they’re open), arcade games and mini golf on property.

Getting Wet

Anything that involves you or a loved one getting soaked on an attraction is always a great laughing moment. The wetter, the louder the laughter. You can find those wet and funny times at Kali River Rapids or the original laughing place, Splash Mountain.

Uncle Albert (wasn’t he everyone’s uncle?!) loved to laugh. He laughed so hard it filled him with glee. As you may recall, Mary Poppins’ uncle understood the art of laughter and unified Mary, Bert and the children to join him. Laughing is the best medicine.

Where do you love to laugh at Disney World?

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