Are Disney Veterans Overwhelming First-Timers?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Peter Parker's uncle was spot on with this advice. And while we don’t exactly have super powers, we Disney theme park veterans hold a certain amount of power in our knowledge of navigating these wondrous places. Many of us pride ourselves on “helping” first-timers prepare, but we must use our powers wisely or we risk sucking all the pixie dust out of their vacations. Answer the following questions to get an idea of where you fall on the helpfulness scale.

1.Your friend listed all the things they saw on the Walt Disney World website that they want to experience. They are staying for 7 days and like to sleep in and relax. Do you:

a) Tell them to stay home? There’s no relaxing at Disney! b) Tell them to start marathon training, because that’s the pace they’ll need to keep to accomplish it all? c) Suggest they prioritize a few things for each park and guide them on a plan to reasonably accomplish those experiences? d) (c) plus explain the vastness of the World, the benefits of arriving at park opening, and having backup plans?

2.You properly educated your friend on the date they will be eligible to make dining reservations. They got everything they wanted except dinner at Be Our GuestDo you:

a) Tell them to forget about it because it’ll never happen? b) Tell them they must get in at any cost or their child’s trip will be ruined? c) Suggest they check the My Disney Experience app frequently, especially 24-48 hours prior to the time they want? d) (c) plus mention the many other wonderful experiences to be had if they can’t get in?

3.Your friend took your advice on prioritizing Fastpass+ selections but did not get one for Flight of PassageDo you:

a) Tell them to stay home because they have failed if they can’t access the most popular ride? b) Give them a list of websites and podcasts that they must research immediately to find the best strategy for getting the Fastpass? c) Suggest they check the My Disney Experience app frequently because guests often switch around reserved times? d) Suggest they get to Animal Kingdom an hour prior to opening to minimize their standby wait if they really want to experience it?

4.Your friend asks about your favorite nighttime entertainment. Do you:

a) Tell them it’s Fantasmic! and insist they must see it. However, if they want to see it, they must book a dining package, but only at a particular restaurant to get the best value, and not on an Extra Magic Hour day, or when there’s a full moon? b) Make sure they know they are spending an absurd amount of money to take this vacation and must see EVERY show to get their money’s worth? c) Tell them it’s Wishes, but Disney cancelled it and there isn’t anything else offered that will ever be as good? d) Tell them your favorite show along with the pros and cons of the other offerings?

5.Your friend wants to know where they can have a character meal with Harry Potter. Do you:

a) Kindly tell them that Harry Potter is at Universal Studios, which is not part of Walt Disney World? b) Laugh and start a thread on DISboards about the ignorance of others? c) Tell them to make a reservation at 1900 Park Fare. When they ask why Harry Potter isn’t listed as a character that may appear, tell them it’s a top secret experience that only seasoned Disney veterans know about? d) Explain that’s what all the construction is at Hollywood Studios? Looking for the answer key? There are no correct answers to these questions, and most of you would write in answers not even listed here! We all have a methodical approach to our Disney vacations, but we must keep our neurotic tendencies in check when helping first-timers. Don't we have a little responsibility to ensure they want to be second-timers? Follow Liz Mroz on Twitter and Facebook @BuildingDisney

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