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When Disney's Hollywood Studios opened on May 1, 1989, chairman Michael Eisner declared "Welcome to the Hollywood that never was and always will be." Sounds great, doesn't it? Here's what he should have said: "Welcome to the theme park that Disney slapped together the minute Universal Studios announced plans for a park in Florida."  They did beat out Universal which opened in 1990, but then-Disney MGM Studios was sorely lacking in attractions and was far from a full day park.

At the time, the only attractions were the Great Movie Ride, The Backlot Tour (which was the Backstage Studio Tour), Magic of Disney Animation and the Monster Sound Show (which later morphed into Sounds Dangerous). (Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular was still a work in progress and didn't open until August.) Yessiree, it was a thrill a minute with all of 4 attractions. They did have an evening fireworks show "Sorcery in the Sky" which debuted a year later. By then Star Tours had opened.

Over the years, attractions and shows have come and gone. It wasn't until Sunset Boulevard opened in 1994 featuring Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that Disney's Hollywood Studios finally started to come into its own. This section is also home to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster which opened in 1999. Pixar Place's Toy Story Mania! is one of the best (and busiest) attractions in Walt Disney World.

One great show that has survived since 1991 is the Beauty and the Beast stage show. Unfortunately, the equally wonderful Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show did not last.

Originally, the Earffel Tower was the park's icon, only to be outdone by yet another oversized hat, the 122 ft tall Sorcerer's Mickey's Wizard Hat, plunked right in front of the replica Grauman's Chinese Theater. The Earffel Tower and Sorcerer's Hat were removed in 2015 and the Chinese Theater became the centerpiece of the park.

Disney's Hollywood Studios is a mixed bag when it comes to attractions for little kids. There's the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Disney Junior - Live On Stage, Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3-D. There are also a ton of character meet and greets. On the flip side, the length of most of the shows and attractions will make some kids (including those over 21) start to squirm in their seats.

Speaking of which, Disney's Hollywood Studio's Fantasmic! is based on the super popular Disneyland show. Unfortunately, the show at Disney's Hollywood Studios is not identical to the Disneyland version. If you've never seen the one in California, you'll probably think it is fantastic. For those of us who have seen both, I won't spoil it but, in comparison, you wish they left it alone.

In 2005, they added the Lights, Camera, Action! Extreme Stunt Show from Disneyland Paris, but that attraction has been retired as the park prepares for its largest expansion to date with the addition of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story Land.

One thing that's consistently noteworthy at Disney's Hollywood Studios are the great restaurants. The Hollywood Brown Derby is a detailed replica of its legendary namesake and is fantastic. At the 50's Prime Time Cafe, you're back at "Mom's" (if you grew up in the 50's), with black and white TV's showing highlights of sitcoms from that era. Be prepared as they do give you a hard time if you don't eat all of your veggies or put your elbows on the table. It's all part of the shtick. If you don't like that sort of thing, you may want to go elsewhere.

At the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, you're seated in convertibles watching clips of some pretty cheesy horror flicks. Then there's Mama Melrose's Ristorante. Just walking in and getting a whiff of the wood-fired pizza oven makes you hungry. Hollywood and Vine is a buffet with a character breakfast and lunch. As always, the usual assortment of counter service restaurants are everywhere.

There you have it. A little history of Disney's Hollywood Studios from its less than stellar opening to the theme park of today. In this case, it didn't start with a Mouse but with a rival studio opening a theme park just a few miles from Mickey's door.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios Attractions

Animation Courtyard

Commissary Lane

Echo Lake

Hollywood Boulevard

Muppets Courtyard


Pixar Place

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

  • Untitled Millenium Falcon Attraction (Coming Soon)
  • Untitled Star Destroyer Attraction (Coming Soon)

Sunset Boulevard

Toy Story Land



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Upcoming Attractions

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

In the first ever Mickey and Minnie themed attraction guests will jump through a simulated movie screen in find themselves in the middle of a Mickey Mouse film! This attraction features brand new technology that Disney is calling "2 and  1/2 D." Apparently it feels like 3D, but requires no 3D glasses. Aboard Goofy’s train, guests will experience a “zany out-of-control adventure.”

Slinky Dog Dash

A family-friendly roller coaster will “zip and zoom, plunge and coast as it takes guests on a thrilling, toy-filling adventure throughout the new land on the back of Slinky Dog.” According to Imagineer Kathy Mangum the track was built by Andy in his backyard using a Mega Coaster Play Kit!


Alien Swirling Saucers

This attraction features the little green aliens from the claw machine in Pizza Planet. The ride takes guests “around for a spin in their very own flying saucers.”

Untitled Millenium Falcon Attraction

On the Millenium Falcon attraction guests will have the opportunity to step aboard and pilot the ship! For more information on the untitled Millenium Falcon attraction, and the rest of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge click HERE!


Untitled Star Destroyer Attraction

The Star Destroyer attraction will bring guests inside a hangar bay. For more information on the untitled Star Destroyer attraction, and the rest of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge click HERE!

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