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Challenge Accepted: Go Out of Your Way to Be Nice to Cast Members

Challenge Accepted: Go Out of Your Way to Be Nice to Cast Members disney-world-50-cast-nametags-3

I love a good challenge. I have an upcoming trip in a few weeks to Walt Disney World, and Pete Werner has called all of us to this “small” challenge: go out of your way to be nice to cast members. And I look forward to this! I’ve thought about some ways I may take him up on this and do some good in the wonderful world of Disney.

I try to always be nice. I would never be unkind to a cast member and I know you wouldn’t either. And I know you are kind, too, because if you are reading this, you are probably part of our DIS community and we are a pretty friendly bunch. So no lectures here; it is established that we are good people and most often have a kind disposition toward our cast members. But how can we actually go out of our way?

Cast Compliment In My Disney Experience

There is a new area within your updated My Disney Experience mobile app. It is labeled “Cast Compliment.” You can find it if you click the three horizontal lines on the bottom right of the app; the hamburger icon. It will link you to things like tip board, your future plans, and if you scroll down you will find “Cast Compliment.” This is a great way to recognize cast members for all of their hard work. You may also walk into Guest Relations and voice your recognition of a great cast member. You can even email them through guest services. Go for it! Good deed #1. Check.

Fill Out A Survey

I have always ignored the cast member in the parks who asks me to take a survey. I mean I’m rope dropping, right? Thanks to this week’s DIS Unplugged podcast, I learned that those cast members are held accountable for getting them filled out, and their job is affected by getting them completed. I did not know that. I will take those few minutes of my time and help them out. There are also surveys in my email inbox that are important. The surveys get my opinions out to those that need to hear what I have to say. It’s a win-win for both us and the cast members. After a phone call when contacting Disney, I can also answer a survey about my call experience. These are all great options. I always just hang up, but not on this challenge. Good deed #2. Check.

Monetary Compliment

Going out of your way can be shown through the use of your time, as well as your money. If it’s within your budget, giving an extra gratuity to your server, Mousekeeping staff, concierge services, salon/massage services, boat driver or other special services, baggage handlers, room service delivery or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience is a tangible financial reward. Room service deliveries do receive compensation that is within your bill, but this is Pete’s above and beyond challenge and just one example of ideas you may consider. Disney cast members outside of these services do not accept tips. Possibly, with Minnie Vans returning, your driver may accept a tip from you as well. Good deed #3. Check.

Words of kindness with a smile

Let’s not minimize how important this is. Just take a moment and say thank you, please, good morning, much appreciated, and do it with a smile. We all know this, and we do this, me and you, but sometimes in the heat of the day, with the rush of the kids and the heavy backpack and hangry group members, we forget.

You know what’s above and beyond for this challenge? For me, I decided it’s eye contact. I’m moving, rushing, I smile and say the nice things but I would like to be more mindful of actual engaged eye contact with the cast members.

This also includes the Guest Service phone calls we make. Those long hold lines with Guest Services when we call from our homes and wait for over an hour because the website won’t help us. Our pixie dusting friend after that hour of waiting deserves our oozing kindness. I must shake off my frustration and not let it out on this person on the receiving end of the call. We aren’t perfect every single time, but hey, it’s a challenge! Hangry or not, Pete, I’m on good deed #4. Check.

You can show your gratitude and kindness just by being nice. I know this, you know this, and Pete that knows we know this. We listen to instructions, we are rule-abiding parks guests who listen when cast members tell us to move down a row and fill in the empty spaces. We throw out our trash. This is not the challenge. It’s going out of my way. Being nice was never something that was hard for me or I necessarily went out of my way for in the parks.

What can you think of to help me for my upcoming trip to go out of my way for a cast member?  Is it a handwritten card you bring with you and fill out as the emotion arises? Comment below and let’s do this!

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