Dining Review: Splitsville, Disney Springs. Is It Worth 1 Table Service Credit?

Dining Review: Splitsville, Disney Springs. Is It Worth 1 Table Service Credit? rsz_splitsville-016234

Is it worth leaving your hotel, and the Disney Parks, to dine at Disney Springs? I would say a definite “Yes!”

However, with so many new and established restaurants at Disney Springs, how do you choose?

Splitsville was not a restaurant that was on my radar at all. I didn’t want to go bowling, so why would I want to eat there? Especially with so many choices.

However,  I am delighted that this was the restaurant chosen for a “child free” night on my recent Disney Vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and will certainly use 1 table service credit from the Disney Dining Plan on this restaurant during my next vacation (with my children).

I find it helpful in comparing experiences to rate on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Poor, and 5 Excellent. I can then come up with an overall percentage. ( I plan to do this with all the restaurants I have visited in due course to come up with a league table!).


Welcome/Atmosphere – 4

We had no problem checking in for our booking, and were quickly escorted upstairs to our table. The table for four was spacious. This is not a themed restaurant as such, like many of the other dining options.

Service – 4

Our server was polite and attentive. I could not choose between beers and he offered samples of both. It was functional service as opposed to the super-friendly service which I prefer, but everything we asked for was delivered quickly and efficiently.

Food and Drink – 5

Excellent. This was the most surprising element. I chose the Volcano Roll sushi (pictured below): Tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and spicy volcano krab mix; a great choice.

Dining Review: Splitsville, Disney Springs. Is It Worth 1 Table Service Credit? rsz_img_1509 rsz_img_1509

I also had the leftovers of my wife’s choice, Sweet and Spicy Chicken (as per picture below): Tempura battered chicken, spicy Thai chilli sauce, with crisp veggies and sushi rice. As a big fan of Thai and Chinese food, I found this absolutely delightful; batter was light, and chicken well cooked. Flavours balanced nicely, I was so happy she could not finish her choice!


Dining Review: Splitsville, Disney Springs. Is It Worth 1 Table Service Credit? rsz_img_1510 rsz_img_1510

The menu is large and varied, with pizza, sushi, rice bowls, burgers, and seafood. Their kids menu has 6 choices, including pasta and pizza.

Our friends had Steak and Mushrooms and a Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bowl, both of which went down very well.

The beer selection was very good. I was “stuck” between Yuengling (a favourite every time I visit the United States!), Magic Hat #9 and Kona Big Wave Golden Ale. I sampled the latter two and chose the “Big Wave”. Light and refreshing, it was a great choice, and served in an “old time British Pub” glass (like my late Grandfather in Scotland would have often drank out of).


Dining Review: Splitsville, Disney Springs. Is It Worth 1 Table Service Credit? rsz_img_1506_1 rsz_img_1506_1

I have rated the food and drink a 5 out of 5, as it both surprised and delighted me, and my wife certainly echoes this rating.

Value for Money 5

We were not on the dining plan, and the total cost including 3 beers, 1 Rum Rita, and a Diet Coke was $115.70 plus tax and gratuity.  We were all full (sushi portion especially was larger than expected), and felt this was excellent value for the quality of food we had. For $37.50 per head, it was certainly not cheap, but I feel it would be an excellent use of a table service credit.

Total Score 18/20 – 90%


Having had no real expectation, I was surprised and delighted with the experience, and so grateful that I was taken there! Based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending this, and I am excited to return next year.

I was keen to share my experience, and this is not a restaurant that I had previously considered.

Please let me know what you think of the review, and what your experience has been of Disney Springs restaurants.


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