Disney Dining Plan Review – Breakfast at Be Our Guest

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On our recent trip, I was able to check another thing off my Disney wish list. Breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Up until this point we had enjoyed both the quick service at lunch and the table service at dinner. Both with varying degrees of success. So I was really excited to see how the breakfast would rate against lunch and dinner. Please note that this review will be from the perspective of using a quick service credit on the Disney Dining Plan and the value of that as well.

From reservation to food – Basics of how the system works at Be Our Guest for breakfast (lunch is the same)

This is currently the only restaurant at Disney World that operates as a quick service location and takes dining reservations. In fact, not only do they take reservations but due to guest demand it is almost always a must. Walk ups rarely happen here unless it is a low crowd time, and even then you may need to wait! However, the good news is the breakfast reservations can often be the easiest to get, especially nearer the day you want. We actually got ours only a few days before. So onto the system… Once you have made your reservation you will see an option to pre-order your food beside the dining reservation on the My Disney Experience app. It will allow you to pre-order from as early as 30 days out, right up until the day of your reservation. Obviously, it is a little hard to imagine what it is you will want to eat 30 days out, but even if you can pre-select the morning of your reservation, it will save you lots of time when you arrive.

Upon arrival at Be Our Guest you need to check-in at the podium prior to the bridge. Once checked-in, you will be directed to cross the bridge and enter the castle. There you will see two lines. The line to the right is for guests who have not pre-ordered. This line leads to order kiosk stations where you can then place your order. This line can get long as there is a limit to how many kiosks there are and it often takes a few minutes per party to get sorted before freeing up a station. The line to the left (and the one I advise) leads you straight to a cash register, where the cast member will confirm your order and take payment, and if on the Disney dining plan, they will subsequently deduct the required credits. You can also change your food order at this point, before payment is taken. Once you have completed payment, you are free to go and find a table wherever you would like. The server will find you when your food is ready either from your magic band or the rose that you were given by the same cast member.  From our reservation time it was about 15 minutes to our server finding us with our food. Our reservation was for 9.30 am and it was packed with people. This meant finding a table was actually quite difficult, more than we have experienced at lunch. So my first tip would be to maybe go earlier or nearer the end of breakfast time, when there may be less crowds. When the server brings you your food, if you have ordered a cold or hot beverage you will get empty cups. You can then refill as often as you want from the drinks dispenser station. There you will also find the cutlery, napkins etc.

So onto the food….

I selected the Croissant Doughnut. This is described as a fried doughnut topped with a banana and caramel sauce, and chocolate ganache. It is served with fresh fruit and a selection of pastries.  I actually really enjoyed this breakfast. It was tasty and a little different to what is on a normal quick service breakfast menu. As you can imagine it was very sweet, and I found it to be very filling, if a little heavy. So perhaps don’t ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train straight after eating one! In fact, you could easily split this and share it between two people. Remember that you also get the fruit and pastries, so there is plenty of food. My verdict on this one is an affirmative thumbs up! Please note that this obviously wasn’t the healthiest option on the menu, but if you are planning on spending the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom, then I personally think you can afford to start it on a lot of sugar and all round yumminess.  This entrée (along with a cold or hot beverage) was redeemable using one quick service credit on the Disney Dining Plan. If not on the dining plan this entrée costs $25.00. The beverages ranged in cost from $2.79-3.29. So together, this meal and beverage would have cost $28.29.

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My husband went with the more typical entrée – Feast A La Gaston. This included scrambled eggs, herb roasted potatoes, apple smoked bacon, and sausage. Again this entrée was served with fresh fruit and a selection of pastries. He was less enthusiastic about this one. Everything on the plate was just ok, and no different from any other bounty platters that are typical at most quick service breakfast locations. It was also served lukewarm which obviously didn’t help! So if you are wanting a more traditional cooked breakfast, then this is your only option, however, it will probably taste and look very similar to what is served at other locations.  This entrée (along with a cold or hot beverage) was redeemable using one quick service credit on the Disney Dining Plan. If not on the dining plan this entrée cost $25.00. The beverages ranged in cost from $2.79-3.29. So together, this meal and beverage would have cost $28.29 which feels like a poor value.

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One thing to note is that the selection of pastries are brought out on one sharing plate. So (as seen by the photo) we essentially had two pastries each. Still plenty for breakfast, however, in my mind I always thought there would be more to choose from or at least doubles of everything. However, the pastries were tasty, and with the combination of the entrée and the sides of fruit there was plenty of food to go round.

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So the overall verdict…

Based on our experience, we would recommend the Croissant Doughnut over the Feast A La Gaston. I enjoyed my meal because it was that little bit different from what you can typically expect to find for breakfast at quick service locations. It was also genuinely tasty. Unfortunately, my husband did not enjoy his cooked breakfast as much. It was not as hot as it should have been, and it was a little boring. Nothing special to write home about with this one I am afraid.

In terms of value, this is where my opinion changes depending on how you are paying. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan and using a quick service meal credit then I think this restaurant for breakfast is excellent value for what you get. You will be able to get an entrée, a side of fruit, pastries and a beverage. This is probably more food than you would normally get for breakfast when redeeming one credit. Maybe go for the more interesting entrées available though! My ‘quick service credit meal’ (entrée and drink) came to $28.29 which is much more than what most meals redeemable with a quick service credit cost. In fact, to get the value out of a quick service credit you are doing well if you can pick a meal costing $20! So you are getting good monetary value from using the quick service credit here.

However, if you are not on the Disney dining plan and will be paying out of pocket, then suddenly this becomes a very expensive and (in my opinion) a very overpriced breakfast option. If we had been paying for our two meals, along with two beverages, it would have totaled $56.58 plus tax. A lot of money for breakfast! When you are starting to pay that kind of money you may not be far off the price of a table service breakfast option instead!

However, regardless of whether you are on the dining plan or not, no one can argue that it is one of the nicer settings in which to eat your breakfast! Dining inside the Beast Castle and seeing the grand ballroom is all part of the experience, and is definitely the reason why the food costs so much. The castle is amazing to see, especially if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast. From the snow falling outside the grand ballroom windows to the cherubs in the ceiling, it is a pretty nice place to enjoy breakfast. So if you haven’t experienced Be Our Guest yet, then you do need to go.

If you are on the dining plan and want to save a table service credit then I would still recommend having breakfast here. However, if you are not on the dining plan, then I would suggest maybe paying a little extra and enjoying dinner instead. For not that much more, you will have a more relaxing experience and you will feel that you got a better value for what you paid.

Either way you have to go!


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