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The Fast-Casual Quick Service Locations that I Really Want in the Disney Parks

The Fast-Casual Quick Service Locations that I Really Want in the Disney Parks Connections Cafe

I know, Disney wasn’t meant for “chain” restaurants. I’m not Remy; I know he would disagree with me, but sometimes I really don’t like the food on property and sometimes it isn’t a Disney theme I need attached with my food. All of my Disney purists, I know, it’s blasphemy. Sometimes I just want a Dunkin’ donut. Starbucks in the parks has been a great addition for me and my family. So why not more? Remy has “a highly developed sense of taste of smell,” his passion is food and longing to be a professional chef are admirable, but sometimes I just want a decent slice of pizza that is good inside the Disney walls.

Connections Café and Eatery recently debuted their menu, and with an impending opening coming soon, it had me thinking about what I actually would really like to see. I will try this new food location and will be curious if I see this as a one and done or a delightful new tradition. I’m not fancy, I’m not a foodie, and I like the familiar. Yes, it’s fun to try to new things, especially on vacation, but I also like to see some at-home, go-to staples. I want both. Here is what I am thinking:

Dunkin’/Krispy Kreme

Quick service donuts! I am listing both chain donut franchises to appease all donut lovers. Most states have a few, so why not within the Disney parks? It’s a quick grab, comfort breakfast favorite for everyone, plus your cup of morning coffee. I would love for there to be a familiar donut shop that is somewhat easy to find and is other than Joffrey’s and Starbucks.

The Fast-Casual Quick Service Locations that I Really Want in the Disney Parks EPCOT Remy topiary

Art of Salad/Sweetgreens

There has to be a good salad place within the Disney parks that is good quality and efficient. These two fast food salad places offer that, plus a variety of choices for healthy eating in the parks. I would love to mobile order all of my favorite greens and in a grab and go venue like either of these two chains. They would certainly qualify as a quick service location!

California Pizza Kitchen

I live in the New Jersey/New York area, and a fast food pizza chain isn’t something we do, but this choice has got to be better then what Disney offers now. I would enjoy a grab and go pie while in the parks. California Pizza Kitchen is probably the best quality when compared to other standard chain pizza restaurants. I’m looking for something ‘good.’ Just a pizza pie in the parks; how hard can this be?!

Shake Shack

A high-end burger joint/milkshake place would be ideal. I think Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café has the potential to be better. Why can’t we have a Shake Shack inside Cosmic Ray’s? Come on, it’s the wave of the future…

Those are my top four fast food, quick service, “in and out” places that I would love to come to Disney property. And since I’m on a hot streak, Disney PLEASE offer something other than Dasani water and maybe a good Jersey diner (disco fries, anyone?)!!! Tell me what you think in the comments section below, after all, as Remy says, “Let’s just say we have different points of view.”

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