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Is Eating at Biergarten Worth It If You Are a Vegetarian?

Epcot is full of great dining locations around World Showcase, and one of my favorites is the Biergarten in the Germany pavilion. When I became a vegetarian, I was worried that I would no longer be able to eat at this location since it’s a very meat-heavy restaurant. Disney has been great at adding plant-based items to each dining location, which has made eating at Walt Disney World a lot easier, and Biergarten, surprisingly, has some plant-based options.

<em>A few of my plates from my meal<em>

This is my family’s go-to dining location when they visit, and a few weeks ago, they came for Spring Break, so naturally, a dining reservation was made. When we checked in for the reservation, they asked if there were any allergies or dietary restrictions. I let them know that I am a vegetarian, and they said they would note that in the system. The minute we sat, our server popped up and immediately addressed me about being vegetarian. He listed everything vegetarian on the buffet line and also informed me that he put an order in for plant-based sausage. The plant-based sausage they have at this dining location is my favorite ever. It was full of flavor, and it wasn’t too chewy like some other plant-based sausages I’ve had before. The fact that our server put that order in right away so that it would be ready when I came back from the buffet made my heart happy.

<em>Buffet Line <em>

The buffet line had so many things to offer, and our server made sure to tell me what food items had meat products that may not be visible when walking by quickly. The Beer Cheese Soup and the Warm Potato Salad have bacon in them, so that’s something to be aware of when going through the buffet. The seasonal salads are fantastic. I got the Tomato Salad, the Cucumber Salad, and a mix of greens with a mustard dressing. The one that sticks out to me the most is the Tomato Salad, but they are all fantastic. The sauerkraut is a plant-based item on the line as well. My favorite part of the buffet line is the Nudel Gratin, which is Macaroni and Cheese, but, in my opinion, is superior to any mac and cheese I’ve ever had. Of course, the desserts are all vegetarian, but these desserts are out of this world. The Apple Strudel with the vanilla topping is terrific, and currently, they have a 50th-anniversary brownie on the line, which is pretty good. They have a Bavarian Cheesecake, an assortment of cookies, and a Black Forest Roll. They have vanilla sauce and berry compote as toppings for the desserts, which add a nice touch. I wish they had ice cream because it would go great with the 50th-anniversary brownie.

<em>Buffet pricing <em>

I am so glad I enjoyed this restaurant with my family because, as I mentioned, I was worried that there wouldn’t be many options for me to eat. That was not the case, because I left the Biergarten full to the brim. If you are a vegetarian or have someone in your travel party that is vegetarian, this is a great place to take them for lunch or dinner. Other than having vegetarian options, they also have a fun show while you are eating, which makes the experience even better. The pricing is pretty fair as well. For adults is $46 per person, and for children, it is $25 per person. They accept Annual Pass discounts and Disney Vacation Club discounts.

What’s your favorite buffet-style restaurant at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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