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Disney Characters that I Wish We Could Meet With Their Partners in the Parks

Disney Characters that I Wish We Could Meet With Their Partners in the Parks Mickey and Minnie

With the character meet and greets currently paused due to the pandemic, it has me thinking about my most memorable character interactions. While I am someone who can make character interactions fun and pleasant for everyone, some find their interactions with individual characters to be somewhat awkward. If you are talking with a face character and have nothing to say, you may find yourself standing in silence as they snap your picture. But I will say that most of my memorable interactions have taken place when there were two characters present. While this is not often an option except for special occasions, I believe Disney should take a look and possibly put these dynamic duos together again.

Disney Characters that I Wish We Could Meet With Their Partners in the Parks IMG_6020

Hiro and Baymax

Big Hero 6 is one of my favorite Disney movies and, for a period of time, you could meet Hiro and Baymax together in Hollywood Studios. Since then, Baymax has continued to greet guests at Epcot, but without his friend. What was great about having Hiro with Baymax was that he could communicate what Baymax was trying to say. The costume of Baymax has very limited movement which can make the conversation before the picture awkward. Having Hiro there made it a lot more comfortable, and he would even poke fun at the big guy!

Chip and Dale

This troublesome duo does not always appear together, but when they do, make sure you hop in line. Chip and Dale play off of each other so nicely and it is sure to make everyone in the family chuckle. What really sets them off is if you announce that you only want a picture with one of them! I have done this a few times and it always leads to fantastic results with one storming off and the other feeling like a million bucks.

Disney Characters that I Wish We Could Meet With Their Partners in the Parks Tiana and Naveen

Tiana and Naveen

Tiana and Naveen are one of my all-time favorite duos, and I wish you could see them together more. One trip, we were lucky enough to see both of them at the same time! While Tiana is wonderful on her own, having an additional person filled any silence. When we saw them, I filmed them saying “Happy Birthday” to my cousin who loves The Princess and the Frog. Tiana and Naveen fed off of each other and it culminated in a hilarious video of Tiana promising to make gumbo, Naveen talking about how he makes a better birthday cake than Tiana does, and ended with a spat about who cooks better. It was so enjoyable.

The Original Dynamic Duo

You know who I am talking about! Who doesn’t love to see their favorite mouse and his girl together to get the perfect family picture? What I love about seeing them together is the perfect photo that it makes with your group in the middle with either side perfectly posed. This does not always happen, but when it does, I am always sure to take advantage.

Who is the duo that you would like to see together in the Disney parks?


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