Disney Fit Guide: Tips and Tricks for Living Your Fittest Life at the Disney Parks

At first glance, a series advocating for healthy living at Walt Disney World can seem like sacrilege. “But,” they say, “you’re on vacation!” “But,” they say, “you’re doing all that walking!” These are both perfectly valid points. For the average person making their once a year, or even once in a lifetime, pilgrimage to the most magical place on Earth, I say go all out. Get that Deluxe Dining Plan. Eat every Mickey Waffle you come across. Splurge on buffets, character meals, and sugary cocktails with glowing ice cubes. In fact, when you take that selfie with a Rose Gold Ears Cupcake, know that I’m somewhere far away, silently saluting you.
Spoiler alert: It may look like a glittery unicorn, but it tastes like diabetes and regret.

Spoiler alert: It may look like a glittery unicorn, but it tastes like food coloring and regret.

Enjoying the vacation you’ve planned and saved for is absolutely your right, and if enjoyment means rich food, and lots of it, you have my hearty approval. This series, however, is for a different audience. Maybe you’re that runDisney medal-collecting junkie (No judgment; I’m one, too!) looking to fuel your body and feel your best for a race. Maybe you’re on a weight loss journey, and instead of being fun, a week-long Disney binge would be a blow, physically and mentally. Maybe you’re just the kind of freak who genuinely loves salad. Regardless of your individual goals, I hope you enjoy a window into the many healthy options you have at Walt Disney World. From running trails to balanced meals, themed athletic apparel to fitness centers, you’ll get an unsponsored, unfiltered perspective on what’s great, what works, and what didn’t make the cut. This is your Disney Fit Guide.

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