Have you avoided a ride at Disney, only to find out later that you love it?

Have there been any rides at the Disney parks that you were hesitant to go on but you ended up loving? I ran across a thread on the DISboards this week asking this very question: “What ride did you skip for years but when you finally rode it you really liked it?”

It’s really an attraction instead of a ride, but we had always avoided Tom Sawyer Island because we thought it would be boring. We finally made time to go check it out on a recent trip and ended up loving it!

The original poster, maryj11, said: “We have always skipped Living With The Land. Then decided to ride it a couple years ago. We really enjoyed it and now make sure we ride it each trip. We also have booked Behind the Seeds.
Another thing we have skipped is the People Mover. It is not a thrill ride but we enjoy it for a nice relaxing break.”

Here’s what other commenters had to say:

juliekzp: Test Track – we skipped mostly because of little kids, but also because I didn’t know how fun it is!

BalooFan: I love the classic rides, but never tried Dumbo because it is a little kids’ ride and the lines in the old location were always so long. I finally made a point of riding it during EMH. It isn’t, of course, the most exciting ride and I can’t say that I now ride it every trip, but there’s something magical about flying around in that cute elephant!

cheshirecollector: The riverboat at MK. I never bothered until my 9th trip, but it’s very relaxing.

LiveToTravelNicely: Figment. I know it may not be what it was in 1982, but the current ride is fun and much better than what all the negative reviews say. العاب على الهاتف المحمول

Stefecatzz: The TTA is one I always skipped for years, even when started going more often after I got my annual pass. But I made time for it when I was there last in May & will most likely plan to do the same for future visits to MK. It was a nice, relaxing ride & a good break from the heat.

Tomh: Expedition Everest. To be completely honest, I was scared to heck of it. DS11 has been getting more and more adventurous. سباق حصان The year before last he decided he wanted to do Rock N Roller Coaster. DW rode with him. Last year when we were planning our trip, he mentioned EE, so I got us FP+ for it, and we all rode. I don’t know if DW will ever do it again, but DS and I enjoyed it.

disney world dreamer: TSM. we figured it was like buzz and since most of us aren’t even that into toy story we skipped over it.
when we all went on it we instantly found a new favorite and its now a must do!

Anesthesia Fine: Splash Mountain! I have no idea what the issue was, but once I finally rode it, it became a must-do.

Madteaparty001: Space Mountain, I avoided it my whole life because I don’t like roller coasters. Anything that makes me free fall or go upside down gives me that knot in your stomach feeling and I hate that! I tried Tower of Terror a few years ago and ended up closing my eyes and praying for my life. Space Mountain was completely in the dark and I didn’t have any problem what so ever, I was so happy!

amomma23: I skipped Test Track for years because I get motion sickness. I tried it last trip and then 3 more times before we came home. I was totally fine and worried for nothing.

kaybird: I’ve never had this problem, kind of a ride junkie, and have gone for years! It always makes me sad when people say this ride or that ride is too scary, or a waste of time; that can impact new visitor’s decisions. كازينو 888 They are all part of the whole and someone’s vision. Not everyone will like every ride (like me), but many people will be surprised at how enjoyable most things are if given a chance.


What about you? Share below if there’s been any rides you’ve avoided, only to find out that you loved them once you finally gave them a chance?

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